Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 20th July 2022

A direct and constant interaction with the environment will make you seek happiness in that environment, and you will place your trust in the outside, but when difficulties come that world of well-being will collapse, since you are building your happiness in the wrong area, to cultivate it you must work in yourself.

You will be very intuitive and creative, spheres from which you will manifest a religious sense of life. An internal motivation will make you express and communicate what you have to share with the world, while the energy of the sign of Pisces will allow you to express it in a very sensitive and delicate tone.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

The Sun, in the 7th house, predicts a successful and timely association with a partner of important social position, which will be very beneficial for your social status. Your partner will have typical characteristics of the sign of Cancer, and will act as a figure of protection for you. Pluto in the 1st house could make you experience a crisis in the issues of the 1st house, transforming your personality and the ways in which you project yourself in society.

You may not like all the attitudes and opinions of some of your loved ones. So don’t be so intolerant and know how to admit that you are not necessarily the holder of all the good rules and customs, and that you don’t have the infused science. Enough moral lessons, you are perfect, at least you think so, and know how to tolerate the imperfections of others too!

You may find yourself embroiled in a heated argument with someone who has the exact opposite opinion of yours on the situation. You both have compelling evidence and facts to support your views. But you didn’t expect some of his arguments. No doubt you have simply omitted details that are important. Know how to recognize your wrongs and be a good loser. You can’t always be right!

Family life influenced by the Moon. Tensions are therefore possible with your loved ones. The elderly people around you will be demanding, and the children will undoubtedly go through a phase of revolt. But you will know how to defuse all conflicts.

It is likely that you will find love in some playful environment, but due to the current context of social distancing, this could happen on social networks. The astral configuration of the day is favorable to changes in your emotional and professional relationships. You may decide once and for all to change your behavior, especially with regard to your love life. But there is still a long way between intentions and actions. However, don’t get discouraged too quickly.

Joint projects will bring you closer to your partner. It will be an excellent hyphen and a good way to cement your relationship. Take great care to avoid power struggles. Single, it will be the time of castles in Spain. Many of you will be drawn to anything that eludes you. Worse still, some will fall in love with a being who shows no consideration for them! Good advice: cut short any relationship that tends to obsess you, if the partner has not expressly declared his love to you.

The presence of the North Node in the 6th house will make you understand that an illness or physical illness is the result of a previous disharmony of the spirit and that healing will come from the balance between the body and the spirit. You will have to watch your food out of the corner of your eye. Less fat, less sugar, less salt, please, and you’ll have a better chance of having a harmonious silhouette and a body rid of its toxins.

Take advantage of this wonderful day to do outdoor activities. You could go for a walk in a park or, depending on where you live, go for a run on the beach or along a river. You need to recharge your batteries by immersing yourself in a natural environment. Take your bike or put on your walking shoes and set off to conquer a mountain. Nothing like a breath of fresh air to quickly forget your worries.

Your good management skills will make you stand out in the work environment; although one point that will not play in your favor is that you cannot bear criticism about your decisions, but sometimes we need constructive criticism because nobody is perfect.

It is a day made to help those in need. There is someone in your workplace who is having a hard time. It’s okay to respect other people’s privacy, but you have the right to be involved too! Your understanding nature and your warm touch could go straight to his heart. Have lunch with them and let them express their concerns. A friendly chat will do you both good! Given the turbulence of Neptune, you will have a lot of problems with your professional entourage. Some colleagues are terribly jealous of you. Act wisely, letting no one harm you.

Money and Luck
You could go through financial problems because of your excesses, because of your taste for fun and risky games. It is important that you control these impulsivities. A very “earthly” day for you. Understand by this term that today you may feel very focused on the concrete plan of things, and truth be told, in this time of “redefining shooting”, today you start to find some solutions . You see, wisdom always ends up paying.

No harmful planets influencing your finance sector. However, two clues will warn you against an increase in your expenses. First of all, Mercury will favor the economy at the expense of any investment in leisure. Second, the presence of the Moon will again emphasize financial discipline, especially when it comes to the finances of the spouse.

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