Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 24th October 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 24th October 2018

The prolonged lunar transit in your Capricorn sign imparts a strong and full of excitement in your life. Due to the movement of the Moon on this Wednesday, there are conflicting feelings in you. It is possible that during the morning you feel anxious, somewhat distrustful with your partner.

Release that energy because at the end of the afternoon you will be in control of your feelings and if you forget bad experiences you will enjoy a great night of love. What worries you is only a mirage, something that you will overcome in the course of this week and will consolidate as the new month of November approaches.

This effluvium accentuates your enthusiasm towards intimate matters. There is a person who feels so strongly attracted to you that it could cause difficulties in your love life if at this moment you have a commitment because your insistence and recklessness would risk your current relationship. Native couples, if you are one of the many natives who are overworked or responsible, you will not have the energy to devote to your love. Hope your partner will know how to deal with bad luck good heart. Singles, only dating opportunities and sentimental adventures today! You will not know where to turn and face the embarrassment of choice.

The airways are now your weakest point, so surround yourself with a healthy environment, without cigarette smoke in your home or work environment, or substances that have strong and irritating odors because all that damages your delicate bronchial tissues. Play sports ? Excellent idea. But Uranus, which influences your health sector, recommends you go gradually, and more if you resume physical activity after a long break. No need to risk a muscular breakdown.

As this week passes the housewives or those who work from home for different companies will be enjoying a very creative day. The Moon in your sign inspires you. Will we accept to render the services expected with all the kindness desired? Do not be fooled by this and keep your feet on the ground. We will do a lot for you if you pay the work done.

Money and Luck
With the planetary influence of your ruler Saturn and the intense aspect of the Moon, new dynamic perspectives open up. In a few days you will see an incredible transformation in your finances as an economic movement is approaching that will help you increase your income considerably. Keep your bank account under surveillance, so as not to have too bad surprises. You will indeed be tempted to spend all the time and live well beyond your means.

By Mary Emma

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