Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 28th November 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 28th November 2018

The Moon moves to the sign of Taurus, and the only retrograde planet is still Uranus. Do what you have pending at home, make important decisions that will change your love life and do what is necessary to achieve economic results in a work or financial management. The Moon is traveling through your element, earth, which helps you to be more concrete in everything and make better decisions.

Before saying the first thing that comes to your lips, think it over and meditate on the consequences of your words. Do not hurry because the current moment demands tranquility and inner peace. If you rush to make a sentimental decision without consulting your heart and without analyzing the consequences well you would end up regretting them later. Be calm.capricorn daily horoscope today wednesday 28th november 2018

Due to the movement of the Moon on this day there is a tendency to stubbornness and stubbornness. In love this can cause you problems with your partner if you insist on wanting to always be right in an argument and do not give in to the evidence.

You are receiving a planetary wave which will help you a lot to recover your energy if you have suffered in the past days any disorder related to your digestive system or you are suffering from constipation or chronic abdominal pain.

You are somewhat apprehensive and you may be harboring fears, perhaps you may lose your job or suddenly run out of money or resources. Take those ideas away from your head because they will sadden you uselessly and also, there are no reasons for that obsession.

Money and Luck
There are good environmental effluvia associated with trips and cruises, contacts with personalities from the world of art and entertainment as well as merchants and vendors. The Moon in your element activates the charismatic and attractive part of your personality.

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