Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 30th January 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 30th January 2019

The way you respond to a certain sentimental situation will bring you closer to that person who is spinning around in your head. Do not exaggerate. Be cautious.

This is a very interesting Wednesday in your horoscope since there is the possibility of a promotion in your company or the announcement of a job if you were looking for a job. In a short time, you will have promoted your working status and will begin to collect the fruits of your work and recognition of your colleagues.capricorn daily horoscope today wednesday 30th january 2019

You feel safe with the sentimental relationship that you now enjoy, but you must be cautious and not let yourself be wrapped by people outside your inner circle that can go into causing problems and enmities with your partner and friends. Act with the Capricorn discretion that characterizes you and do not let yourself be surrounded by murmuring people.

By the influence of the Moon, you could feel somewhat restless in the morning hours. The night also presents difficult aspects so avoid alcoholic and exciting drinks before going to bed. It’s not dinner night, Capricorn.

Work and Career
There’s good job news, Capricorn. Despite having to confront unsympathetic bosses and superiors, do not be discouraged and continue the path undertaken. Little by little they will realize your value as an employee and you will see how your work landscape changes radically.

Money and Luck
Keep a strict control over your expenses so as not to exceed or get tangled up in debts. Apply your magnificent sense of saving and see how the money appears in record time. Do not rely on chance to solve your economic problems and those that may arise in these coming days.

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