Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 31st July 2019

You will have a very busy day, Capricorn. Beware of the murmuring. There is a danger with people who are entangled, don’t tell them anything personal – remember that in addition to your ruler Saturn, the planetoid Pluto is retrograde in your sign and also the planets Mars and Mercury are in that transit.

Happily, the afternoon will be great for love because there will be situations full of passion, but only if you live your life, without letting yourself be manipulated. Do not make drastic love decisions this day, it does not suit you, you could be under the effects of emotion. Although you should stay longer in your job you will finish what you started days ago and could not finish due to the interruptions.

In these next days, you will see how there are people around you who are not quite sincere. If you meet someone new and they tell you that they are without commitment, make sure you are well before they believe you. Sometimes those who insist on making you believe that they do not live with a certain person are those who are most tied to it.

The favorable mental disposition that surrounds you today will help you a lot to get out of recent health problems. If you suffer from disorders in the joints, spine or bones in general, your Capricorn sign receives a positive influence.

Keep going as you are taking concrete steps within a path that can lead you to success in your working life. The positive turn initiated in Capricorn will lead you to the position where you should be according to your ability and experience. Your merits will be recognized.

Money and Luck
Fortune turns you around. There is money pending payment that will soon reach your hands. Check your papers, bank accounts, checkbooks, email and correspondence you receive well. Do not neglect your legal affairs or sign papers without being sure.


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