Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Today is a day in which relationships become very important, both professionally with your partners and clients, and at home with your partner. Pluto comes into direct conflict over opposition to the Moon. They both want to win and you have to be smart to handle this situation properly.

The energy of the day is one of conflict and tension, especially in relationships with the “others”. You have to understand that they are a mirror in which you reflect. So if you come across people who want to manipulate and control, it may be a reminder of how much you manipulate and control.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wed...
Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

If you find people who want to intimidate you with threats, consider how much you use those tools to achieve your ends. The learning you get from that will be very useful. There are days when neither pushing nor pulling results are achieved, rather you have to look the other in the eye and understand what he wants.

The couple will have an emotional intensity that is difficult to handle on this day. You are going to bring to the negotiating table many requirements and demands that it is important to attend to, you cannot ignore them at this time since that would be the cause of greater problems. Try to defuse the situation by being understanding and empathetic, don’t take their comments as personal attacks, and above all avoid sarcasm. Try to be kind and gentle.

More than an intense relationship, what you want is for someone to listen to you and understand you. It can be a bit difficult in today’s astrological climate. But your search is valid and it deserves that you manage to find someone who pays attention to you and recognizes your need to be heard.

Only to be heard you need to listen carefully to the other first. Don’t take what they mean for granted, go beyond their words to what they mean to really understand the other. If you do, you will have achieved a level of understanding that few others achieve.

You have to take care of your respiratory tract, if you smoke, try to lower the number of cigarettes you smoke per day since Mercury, the ruler of this house, is coming out of combustion with the Sun and that places it in a state of weakness.

In the same way, become aware of what you breathe daily in your work, in your daily life. There may be something in the environment that is causing an allergic reaction to breathing it.

At work, what is going to demand your attention the most are the relationships with your colleagues in the office, it has already been mentioned that others are a mirror, but this mirror today is going to present you with tension and conflict on their part, like this You have to know how to calmly manage the work environment. Avoid fights, try to focus above all on solutions rather than blame.

Money and Luck
Finances are a bit slow, but stable, try to maintain strict control over them so that they are not affected excessively. Your partner may ask you to buy him something and that may affect your projections for this month. But if that solves the situation I recommend you make the investment.

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