Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th December 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th December 2019

You are looking for safety first and foremost. Your instinctive attitude allows you to bring your entourage to position themselves more firmly, relativize your worries, they are unfounded, do not ask yourself so many questions.

Jupiter is investing (until December 19, 2020) your sign! The opportunity to start a new cycle of evolution, expansion and out of wood and shade … finally!capricorn daily horoscope 4th december 2019

The planet Venus in excellent aspect will promote dating. You will not have anything from a wind vane. The pleasure of a moment will not be enough for you. And if you fall in love this time, your passion will not be a fire of straw! As natives living in pairs, you will be ready to change your habits and make an effort to break the daily routine and marital routine. Of course, it is not your spouse or partner who will complain! So, well-being and pleasure will reign supreme in your life as a couple.

Today, you have to consolidate a friendship or strengthen a recent bond. Enjoy this happy parenthesis because, then, the sky can darken and your loves will then take a more gloomy shade. It is the moment to preserve your emotional assets.

As a couple: You do not fear much because you feel under high protection but you do not neglect anything, you should also pay attention to your partner who probably does not currently benefit from the same benefits as you.

Single: If you are alone, you might meet someone special or spend time with your friends. You realize that you were too busy and that you have left your surroundings, enjoy the presence of your loved ones!

For you this time, love and work will be closely linked. If you live an office idyll, be sure to exercise the utmost discretion; otherwise, you may have a lot of trouble.

You have the opportunity to expand your social circle, friendly or professional very quickly but only if you know how to focus on what suits you and if you stop scattering too many projects or activities.

To thwart the harmful action of the planet Neptune, you will need a lot of protein. Remember that yogurts and lean cheeses are a mine of protein. From time to time, especially if you have had a buxom business lunch, take a packet of pure or flavored proteins from a pharmacy.

You may need to change your schedule and schedule to regain some independence. Nevertheless, your training will make you less irritable and more fulfilled.

Money and Luck
Avoid continually building castles in Spain and, more importantly, engaging in risky speculative operations. Take as a golden rule that one must play or speculate only to the extent of one’s means, but never according to one’s needs or ambitions. Capricorn Luck Today

In this day, you evaluate situations with more finesse and clairvoyance at once, here you are more objective. You make good use of your finances today. This is the time to review your budget differently, the changes are positive.

Family and Friends
Excellent relationships with your brothers and sisters thanks to the influence of Venus in the area of your theme concerning them. Your relationship with your children will be under the sign of tenderness and complicity. These will be in great shape.

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