Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 7th November 2018

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 7th November 2018

Do not let a meddling person get in your family and your love life, and above all, beware of gossip and rumors, you are too susceptible and suggestible due to the transit of Venus by the Scorpion sign, which is of the water element and very similar to the Yours, it’s dirt.

There are several possibilities that exist within your economic and working reality, Capricorn, but the main thing is that you do not underestimate them. Little by little you will recover a piece of land that you considered lost and then things will be better than before.

The transit of Venus by Scorpio begins. A wave of vitality surrounds you and what you want to do you can achieve. Your mind is active and awake, ready to conquer, say the right thing and take initiatives. If you are confused and do not know exactly what to do in a new emotional situation do not wait for the decisions of other people and act yourself.

The medical problems associated with the spine are overcome with good footwear as well as an adequate bed. If you are suffering from back pain do not immediately resort to the pills, try other treatments.

The positive and self-confident aura that surrounds you today will have a strong, and very satisfying, impact on your potential employers. It is a successful day to leave home, look for a job if you do not have or ask for a job increase. Your affirmative attitude will do the rest.

Money and Luck
You will get an informal and negligent person to pay you back money. Although it may not be all that is expected, analyze if it is worth continuing the legal litigation because you could spend more on lawyers and lose what you have earned today.

By Mary Emma

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