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General Characteristics of Capricorn

The general characteristics of Capricorn are given by the strong and wise planet Saturn regent of the people who are born in the tenth house of the zodiac. With the strength of the goat that represents them and with the black and brown color in their hands, comes the Great goals of the zodiac. Its gemstones are amethyst and turquoise, and its metal is lead; Its element earth and its numbers 1 and 7, Capricorn are people born between December 23 and January 20, and are usually given the lucky day is Saturday, by its planet Saturn.

How is a Capricorn?

A Capricorn has ambition and is disciplined. It is practical and prudent, has patience and is even cautious when it is needed. He has a good sense of humor and is reserved. They like reliability, professionalism, a solid foundation, have a goal, leadership.capricorn daily horoscope

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Your behavior. The general characteristics of Capricorn granted by its planet Saturn from its earth element, are based on the power to make decisions and to build and it determine themselves as the leaders. The voices and those who command in any activity or social nucleus, are people who before Everything has a voice and can often overshadow the voice of others.

Although their temperament is very strong and they tend to be in a bad mood, they are people who only seek to bring theirs to a much better state. Their behavior in front of others does not respond but to a breastplate that are created to not let anyone in In their world and that hides the wonderful beings that have inside, who love their home, take care of their family and above all are willing to attack anyone who dares to harm any member of their family or social nucleus.

They are very determined people, who find it hard to relate at first but then integrate without any problem into any circle, they are very effective beings for any job since their sense of responsibility is incredible and they can stop doing some things for Taste only to fulfill some commitment.

They are extremely committed and once they manage to impose themselves on the rest, there is no one to remove them, except another Capricorn with greater power, but they will never do anything thinking about evil, they will always take their group to a better place, where they can grow and build altogether.

Capricorn in 2019

Capricorn Overview

A Capricorn is one of the most stable, safe and tranquil signs of the zodiac. They are hard-working, responsible and practical and willing to persist until necessary to achieve their goal. They are reliable and often have the role of finishing a project initiated by one of the most pioneering signs. They love music.

A Capricorn demands a lot from his employees, family, and friends, but only because he also demands himself. They tend to be just people. They are not among the happiest zodiac signs. Rather they tend sometimes toward melancholy and pessimism. When a Capricorn suffers from depression he should seek help. In fact, a Capricorn should always try to maintain an emotional stability through meditation, breathing or activities that help him to relax and not lose control of his emotions.

Regent planet. Saturn is the planet that gives the general characteristics of Capricorn, is a planet full of decisions but above all that gives beings that protects under their rings the capacity of willpower, responsibility and constancy, getting incredibly committed beings, That they will do whatever is necessary to fulfill and that they will get what they want with sacrifice and persistence, struggling to reach the top and not let themselves be thrown from the position of privilege they have achieved.

It is a planet of great wisdom that endows the inhabitants of the tenth house with the mental power they need to build their own empires from scratch and with their own hands, these are the general characteristics of Capricorn.

Capricorn in love and personal relationships

Sometimes it costs a Capricorn to feel happy in their personal relationships. They can tend to be reserved for strangers. A Capricorn is more likely to have few good friends (to those who feel absolute loyalty) than many friends. They sometimes cost their relationships with the opposite gender, although once they fall in love they tend to be loyal and somewhat jealous.

Capricorn and work

Capricorns are good managers and are honest and respect (or demand) discipline. They are stubborn and able to put their family or work before their own desires or needs. They are great organizers, and often have some kind of economic ambition (and given their ability to pursue a goal, they often do it). Capricorn Work Horoscope Today

Many times the Capricorn work in professions related to the economy. Economists, accountants, managers, employees in the real estate sector, politicians. They are excellent teachers and administrators, scientists, farmers, and builders.