Capricorn Horoscope for 25th May 2022

This day you will feel rebellious, for now you do not like to be criticized. You rarely fit into your ideals and you don’t always conform to all the rules of society. But it is because you don’t like to be told things, your own opinion is enough and it will be very difficult to make you change your mind, even when you are not right. Being rebellious is your thing today, those are the conditions generated by the Moon in the sign of Scorpio.

Today’s impulsive reactions and emotionally based decisions can turn minor drama into spectacular chaos. You may feel a stronger than normal need to be free as another disturbing force to be aware of. You may tease or tease a loved one just to get attention. It is the energy of Uranus in opposition to the Moon.


You will be inclined to live out your fantasies even more spontaneously… You will find it very easy to convince your circle of friends, it’s time to strengthen your intimacy, to get out of your habits! The doubts you have have their source in frustrations, it would be good to detect them, so you could solve or anticipate problems before they flourish.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 25th May 2022

Unexpected changes can affect your home and family, as well as your intimate relationships with your partner. Your mother and women, in general, would be the most affected by your erratic displays of emotion. It is the energy that causes you the location of the Moon.

Any emotional distance you feel from your parents and family can lead to behavioral problems. Lack of real or imagined support and attention can result in disrespect to parents, teachers, or anyone in authority. It is the energy that Saturn generates the square to the Moon.

Today love has arrived in a big way in your life because Aries in your 5th house makes you the most romantic and sentimental person in the zodiac, you will be focused on the action even in love, and people who represent a challenge will attract your attention for you and have many things in common with you.

We feel you are a little behind this time on the love side. It must be said that the influence of Saturn in your trials sector will hardly predispose you to live an inflamed passion. For some, love might take the form of a mystical or social feeling. For others, the time will be for the desire for calm and serenity. If your love life has known tumultuous hours, the company of your partner is likely to weigh you down. Moments of solitude will allow you to draw new strengths that will improve your relationship.

Even if you don’t dare turn everything upside down at once, you will have to make some changes in your emotional life. Good influences will push you to do it, you won’t have to think very long, so much the better. As a couple: A question is bothering you and you don’t dare talk to your partner about it for fear that he won’t understand. You are wrong because by favoring communication the problems will be solved more easily. Dare, there is no risk of being disappointed. Single: If you meet your soul mate, let things settle down, don’t try to justify your expectations, and don’t try to rush things. Why don’t you keep the story a secret? For your balance, first, avoid hallway noise.

The passage of Gemini in your 6th house makes you vulnerable to lung problems: colds and allergies that cause asthma are common among this aspect. Taking the necessary precautions will be important.

Perfect time to maintain your body! Mars is the will and therefore, the good resolutions. From there, to give up habits that are harmful to your health, such as smoking or going to bed too late, there will be only one step… which you could easily take now if you want to.

Gemini at work makes you versatile, curious, and sociable. You just have to be careful not to get so distracted in the talk with your classmates because then you never finish what you are doing, but if it is about verifying information, you will do well.

Some ambitious projects will be delayed by the obstruction of Neptune. However, all is not lost. You will soon be able to turn the situation around if you show sensitivity and tact. The sky plays spoilsport and contrives to disturb your serenity. Nothing serious, however, but probably communication difficulties at your workplace, a rivalry to manage or bickering that exasperates you.

Money and Luck
The energy of Aquarius in your 2nd house puts you in extremes, either you have a lot of money or you are broke. It’s your turn to put your feet on the ground and manage your finances responsibly because these are not good times to generate money. It’s time to consider changes in the way you view your financial future, you will be prompted to do so. Moreover, you should not hesitate to help, this will allow you to create fruitful links for your future projects.

You will experience today a very pronounced taste for luxurious objects and pleasures. Do not deprive yourself of anything until it is likely to cause you financial problems. Note that “pleasure is not evil in itself, but some pleasures bring more pain than pleasure.”

Family and Friends
Be very tolerant with your family circle. If you are too intransigent, your loved ones will rebel, and stand up against you. And it is you who will suffer the most from such a situation. In the evening, you run away from all extravagant hobbies and trendy places.

You prefer all soothing activities such as listening to music, reading a novel, cooking or watching good movies. Doing what you want to do without putting up barriers is a very pleasant way to approach the new situations that invite themselves into your love life. Don’t anticipate anything, let yourself be carried away, you have nothing to fear.

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