Capricorn Horoscope Today 11th May 2022

By having the planet Pluto in your 1st house, you are indicating that your body will be your laboratory of transformations and taking on new disciplines day by day you are going to change it in such a way that you obtain a better result much more in line with what you want and that it will be much more healthier for you.

Your 3rd house in the sign of Pisces is going to be turning you into someone who expresses himself in a very cordial and attentive way, always careful that what he says does not affect others, because you will be very aware that the way in which you express yourself can affect very much how people feel and Neptune over this sign will only deepen all this much more.


Your emotions are going to be very visible to everyone and especially to that person you like so much, because Cancer in your 7th house with the planet Mars in it will make you very emotional and you will want to show it as soon as you see that possible partner.

You look to the future, it makes you distracted… Make an effort to concentrate on the practical details. You will really need to set aside time for yourself, the relational turmoil drains you of your energies. This Wednesday, May 11th, you will be fully prepared to share your ideas and your good humor. Thus, you will put the spirit in all your discussions. If you have to negotiate, the day is perfect to dare to knock on the right doors! So go for it!


You are going to be enjoying a lot today the activities that the body and the sensory have for you because your 5th house in the sign of Taurus with the presence of the Stellium that you have inside is going to promote a day full of pleasure and enjoyment of the body in the dance. , exercise, food, intimacy or rest because these are activities that fill you with joy and happiness.

Beautiful generous influxes are announced during this day. Be helpful, behave with dignity towards the people around you, not just those you covet! It is even through totally disinterested service that you will manifest these fine qualities! As a couple: Love carries you on this day. You radiate. A renewed passion inspires you and encourages you to provoke moments of intense affectivity with your other half.

Do not keep your feelings silent, since they are happy, be demonstrative, considerate! Single: Flashiness, voluptuousness, perfect luxury pamper your heart but the emotional encounter is still late? How about changing the way you look at it? Go back to lofty but noble feelings, less bombastic and you will attract the person embodying these beautiful qualities.


It is time for you to start exercising your arms more because it is possible that they are not strong enough and you are having a hard time being able to carry out simple tasks such as carrying heavy things or even supporting your own weight.

This is something that can be crucial at a health level because you must have each member of your body in perfect condition; Gemini in your 6th house tells us that when ruling the arms in your body, this will be the area that you should dedicate the most work to.

If you want to stay on top of the bill, spare your back and taste more often the delights of restorative naps or massages… Slow down from time to time, if only to taste the satisfaction of a job well done.


Today your ability to be able to convey your ideas with grace and eloquence will be a key factor so that you can enjoy your day without setbacks and with great harmony at work and even affectively with your other colleagues, since Venus and Mercury over the sign of Gemini in your home will they are going to give you this kind of emotional and intellectual energy enough for you to complete whatever task you have today successfully. If you have to deal with a rapid change: evolution, new market, scheduled move, try a gradual approach. You will have every chance to better negotiate this important turning point.


Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius is going to allow you to carry out your innovative ideas in the economic field and Saturn is going to give them a good enough materialization channel so that they can take root from your house 2; therefore get to work and start working on them. You are resourceful, which allows you to benefit from interesting opportunities to increase your budget. Financially, an evolution is planned with cash inflows. You become aware of your luck, it is a rewarding and lasting period.

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