Capricorn Horoscope Today 9th May 2022

You will face deep emotions from your psyche and your subconscious, esotericism can captivate your attention and your psychic faculties can be activated, some people could feel intimidated by your mere presence because they will feel that you are able to read minds.

The position of the Sun in your birth chart is lucky, it enhances your relationships with the other or with the group, guaranteeing mutual success, whether in an association, a project or business.

Venus visiting the area of ​​deep transformations will make you feel overwhelmed and intense emotions, passions that will make you feel a strong need to merge with your partner, although you will feel more sexual than emotional. It can be lived as an uncomfortable but fortunate experience in the financial issue, since income from business associations that you have established with your partner can occur.

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Probably today you will receive something totally unexpected. Be careful. If you invest it intelligently, it will serve you well and for a long time. Now you are curious about esoteric subjects, such as the “dark arts”, perhaps. Why not go to the local bookstore to find some books on these topics of interest?


With the sign of Pisces in your area of ​​romance, you will radiate a mysterious magnetism, and you will express great romanticism, but also great emotionality, which can place you in a vulnerable situation in front of the other. Try to give as much as you receive.

At this time in your life, your career and business play a very important role, as new ideas, new people and considerations regarding modern equipment continue to open new doors for you. Also, romantic relationships can become more intense. If you are in a relationship, you will feel closer to him. If you’re in a relationship but not yet in a relationship, there could be a proposal on the horizon. If you’re not in a relationship, don’t be surprised if you meet someone new and charming.


The sign of Aries positioned in your house of health could bring you headaches and discomfort in your eyes, it is a pertinent occasion to visit a specialist who can diagnose any eye disorder.

You may be drawn to some form of self-improvement. Perhaps you will focus on improving your physical health. It may be time to lower the fat or calories in your diet so you can lose weight. It would be beneficial for you to buy fresh fruits and eat salads. Pay attention to the messages your body sends you. If you have been feeling tired and worn out, start taking herbs or vitamins.


The Aries energy also impacting your work area, gives you a solar energy that will make you feel energetic, willful and confident, and that will give you a high dexterity and capacity for work. This same energy could also make you project fierce individualism and aggressiveness at work, causing workplace jealousy.

Today your parental instincts will come to the surface in full force, and if you have children you may feel very keen to protect them. They probably use the word “overprotective.” It’s very hard to walk away and watch them make the same mistakes you did at their age, but that’s really the only way to learn. The only way to learn anything is through experimentation, like building a fence or fixing a car. Offer them your advice no matter what. Just be careful not to put pressure on them as you do this.


With the benevolent energy of Jupiter, luck and expansion favor you, endowing you with a versatile nature in financial matters. Trading in art will bring you excellent profits. Don’t be surprised if you are reprimanded by people who are upset by the way you are handling certain things in your life. Most likely, those who criticize you the most will be the ones who understand you the least. Surely they are in a completely different tune from yours, and it is not your mission to try to change them. Nor is it your responsibility to change your ways for them.