Capricorn Horoscope Today Wednesday 29th December 2021

Would you consider being a person more attached to spirituality, possibly you have been doing everything possible to accomplish some things that were not necessarily as you thought? That is why, from this moment on, consider yourself a person with ample possibilities of success. For this, you have the sextile between Mercury and Neptune, which, without a doubt, would give you more progress.

A little of everything is what you would do from this moment until you get the answers to your recent concerns. Now is a good day for you to have the possibility to feel the regency of the full Moon, which as a unique characteristic, would undoubtedly be observed as something full and good.


You would be feeling too much adrenaline, but it is not bad for that, it means that you may have received the good news that made you euphoric and with it, you would let everything be seen in favor of your growth in many ways. It is time to sail with the white flag and let the change from Gemini to Cancer simply fill you with prosperity.

You can be very disciplined when necessary, meeting your obligations and commitments. This sense of responsibility is admirable, but sometimes you forget about responsibility to yourself. Right now, there is something out of balance in you. Maybe you need to exercise more, sleep more, or have more time to play and express yourself. Don’t occupy every minute of the day with obligations. Try to set aside some free time today and start allowing yourself some more rest.capricorn daily horoscope for today friday december 29th, 2021

You would contemplate being a much smarter person than you think, but that would not stop you from falling in love. Remember that there are things that simply would not be, under your control. You would undoubtedly learn that the full moon has the upper hand over your emotions and you would only flow properly.

Today is a good day to feel comfortable at home and gather your loved ones. Invite them to your house in the afternoon or evening to spend some time together. There could be some minor inconveniences, like your children or nephews fighting over toys. But overall it will be a pleasant time and you will enjoy the meeting. It will be a good day to get caught up in the family news.

Fruits and vegetables are the keys for this day where the responsibility of putting your diet in order may emerge from you. For the sake of your health, you would do everything possible to feel that things are improving. To do this, let life fill you with ideas that potentially help you and not the opposite.

Today could be one of those days when you don’t know what to do with your life. You may feel uneasy and are considering making some changes. But start small! You may feel better if you do a good cleaning of your house. By releasing energy in housework, you will experience a great sense of peace. So settle down and spend some time cleaning up thoroughly and dusting off.

Money and Luck
You would get an extension to schedule your payments and everything in this regard, which refers to the fact that you would have an opportunity like a few others, and after that, make yourself more responsible with your finances. The initiative is essential. You would let adversity pass with the number nine in the regency.

If you’ve been thinking about making new investments or starting a new savings plan, today is the day to start. Mentally you are much more focused than usual, and the people around you can give you ideas that you should consider. You can experience an intuition about yourself, therefore follow your instinct; don’t let your mind get in the way. Tonight: Put a pen and a notebook next to your bed. You will want to write down your dreams!

You lost your balance for a moment and that is not why you have lost the strength to make everything look better for you. Now that life has taken you by surprise, you would let everything look better, at least temporarily. Remember that if you don’t feel comfortable, the best decision is to look where you are. For this, the full Moon would favor you with intelligence and wisdom.

Today you will be surprised by the approach of someone friendly. Maybe someone at work will ask you out and have a chat. It could be a person who tends to disagree or oppose you. Don’t refuse the opportunity to make the passes. Today you will enjoy this positive energy to enlighten you. You will feel better if you develop strong feelings of friendship with your colleagues.