Capricorn Horoscope Today:Daily Predictions June 5, 2022

You will feel honest, on the good side of this aspect, the Moon in Aries is not likely to get angry if things do not go as you thought. You also play fair, you don’t manipulate others through cunning or deception. By now you have an aura of innocence around you. Because you are likely to be misunderstood most of the time, you may develop insecurities of a mental or nervous nature. To deal with this situation, you can trust your instincts even more.

With the Sun square Neptune, deception, and betrayal are more likely if you allow yourself to get sucked into relationships that seem too good to be true. The same goes for financial matters, so it would be prudent during this transit not to take risks or speculate on the stock market, or bet on anything.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tue...
Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

For now, you will need a romantic partner who is not easily intimidated by your bragging. After a phenomenal argument, it will be time to make amends, and then the burning passion of the Aries Moon will resurface. This look makes you dramatic even in passion.

Books, letters, and conversations with foreigners can be very stimulating for your mind today. You have great enthusiasm and will find new topics of interest that will fascinate you; you could even consider a long trip. Very interesting conversations could take place at social events, so prepare your mind. Get some exercise before bed!

It is possible that a friend will take you to a quite luxurious neighborhood, perhaps to visit someone or to attend a meeting. Today you could come across ambitious people and you could make some useful contacts. Your own goals, whether professional or personal, advance slowly but surely, so even if frustration threatens you now, success is almost assured. Have a good day.

Luck in love may be on par with some fortune in another part of your life. Gifts, compliments, and good deals can be in store. You would be wise to accept any offers during this transit. These are the conditions generated by Venus in trine to Jupiter.

You are a romantic by nature, but today you are likely to think more in terms of physical passion than idealized romance. You will be particularly concerned about your appearance, and you may want to go to a professional makeup artist or buy some new clothes. Blue and lavender might be particularly hot right now, but don’t forget to add some red for passion! Call your crush and enjoy a fun night!

Today Gemini is passing through your 6th house and with that aspect, it will be very common to suffer from the lungs, colds, and allergies that cause asthma are frequent. So taking the respective precautions will not hurt. Today you may decide to stay home and organize your papers, but it won’t take you all day.

You’ll feel like going out, perhaps walking around the neighborhood and saying hello to friends who live nearby. You could engage in interesting conversations that will get you thinking and moving on. Do not go into any bookstore, unless you want to leave with a load of books.

You may be working a lot and you consider that your effort is not well paid or recognized, commitment does not match the efforts you are making. Do not despair, this energy is generated by the passage of Chiron in the sign of Aries. Today dedicate some of your time to reflecting on your economy.

It may be that you find it easier than on other days to concentrate on that topic. Think about how to reduce your debt, or what you can do to achieve what you want for your retirement. Whether you’re worried about the cost of your child’s college education or a surprise medical bill, your ability to see things more clearly today can be an advantage. You could consult a financial advisor to get things on track.

Money and Luck
Today Saturn in your 2nd house can greatly limit the circulation of money, these are not good times for you in the economy but do not feel overwhelmed because today Saturn arrived to put your finances in order, since it will you were getting out of control. Reconsider getting out of that economic hole that stresses you so much.

Your girlfriend, or a close friend, will expect you to pay more attention to her today. If you’re having trouble expressing your feelings verbally, think about buying her a nice gift, or bringing her flowers. Even a nice compliment will suffice. Today you need to show your affection to this person you love – no matter what! Bring out your most romantic part and you will get something very rewarding in return!

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