Capricorn Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

This day you will feel spiritual, Jupiter in Pisces is divine inspiration. You can for now experience surprising visits from the muse, who can revive any dormant creative impulse. And the cultural landscape may be more colored with the spiritual and uplifting themes of healing, redemption, and connecting with spirit.

Transit Jupiter Square Sun creates some tests and challenges as all squares do, but because Jupiter is beneficial, related to growth and luck, this transit could give you the push you need to make great strides in your life. Take it into account to get the best benefit.


It will not cost you much to maintain a good relationship for now, because you are attractive, bright and of good character. You are easy to spend time with and you know how to add wit to the conversation. You use humor naturally, your good character is an important point to lead that relationship in the best way. It is the energy of Venus in the sign of Gemini.

This would be a great time to study mysterious or challenging fields like astrology, where deep research and personal transformation from the trine Sun to Pluto are combined. Application more than reading can lead you to enlightening discoveries.


The aspect of Venus trine Saturn provides you with mental stimulation by asking you many questions on matters of love. You are cheerful and outgoing, but you need variety, so you will be in search of loving emotions. To keep a Gemini happy, you must allow him the freedom to come and go as he pleases.


Today the conditions for health are marked by the sign of Cancer because it is passing through your house 6, this is an emotional sign and those emotions can become the Achilles heel of your health because it leads you to comfort yourself by eating and not precisely healthy things. That is why you could be prone to obesity and, going a little further, to all kinds of digestive problems that are also aggravated by overeating, which this sign does when they are sad, stressed, angry or disappointed. A spiral of bad health decisions that you have to be aware of.


The passage of the sign of Cancer in your 6th house makes you protective, intuitive and empathic. This aspect gives you a very powerful intuition that you can undoubtedly take advantage of in business. Although you may show some insecurity and need for approval, you also sometimes show great determination when you bring your practical mindset of doing things God’s way to your work.

Money and Luck Due to the passage of Aquarius in your 2nd house, you tend to calculate your expenses well and you are terrified of debt at the moment. You save for courses and study another language, but you don’t spend on things you know you don’t need. Of course, you like to have a good pantry, eat in good restaurants and travel. Good for you.