Capricorn Horoscope weekly From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Capricorn Horoscope week From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Work: Face your own business, do not evade responsibility or rely on third parties. It has enough capacity to handle itself. Today is a day of drastic decisions, do not allow them to abuse their good predisposition, or family, friends or co-workers.

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Good week for sales and signatures. It will seek channels for its personal and work growth. For those who have long-term partners, everything seems to have stalled, try to include your partner in your projects and invite her to grow together. There are great tensions in the workplace that can lead to family problems, try not to take the problems of work to the house.

Love: Aquarius will be the best lover of the week, a tailor made love. If your partner is not from Aquarius do not suffer, find a way to improve the relationship, is very well aspected for this task, get to work. Man’s power lies in diversity, of genes and spirits, of opinions and abilities, of actions and goals … In this way and together we form a group of safe, survival, abundance and happiness success for all, universal, Harmonious and pious. Natives with stable partners will not be able to understand each other comfortably, and singles will find it hard to make compromises.

Health: Low self-esteem generates failure and unhappiness, although it is not usually the case of Capricornians, it is worth pondering about this, can make it more comprehensive to family problems. Only if it is considered worthy of the prize will be able to obtain it, in cases of contests or great challenges it is not worth to feel shy or of low profile, attack with all its arsenal. Try to eat well and take vitamins, work is lowering your defenses. Be cautious and if you can not take vacations at least make short and restorative walks. You will find love and achieve happiness if you build a shelter for emotional health that is proof of low blows or intrusions of others in your life.

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