Capricorn Love Horoscope in April 2018 send your messages smoothly

Capricorn Love Horoscope in April 2018 send your messages smoothly

Capricorn Love Horoscope in April 2018
Venus exalts your power of seduction until 24. The opportunity to make you notice, love and exercise your charms successfully. Bet on your ability to radiate and seduce all-out to brighten your Capricorn friend’s personal life and perhaps reduce the tensions that have existed since last month between you and your loved ones. Thus, if you tend to use (abuse) your authority to reign over the clan, you will be well advised to temper your moods and your passion and do everything to make others want to follow you rather than to try to constrain them.

There is no doubt that you cannot do it even if some people (from the 1st decan) will no doubt find it more difficult to come to terms with discussions, procrastination that may upset them and maintain a cool climate throughout April. will give them little desire to discover. a thread.capricorn love predictions in april 2018

1st decan (22nd of December-2nd of January): the agreement not necessarily cordial with the family.
Venus will strive (until the 8th) to warm your heart and your loves but discussions a little painful and especially who trample since the end of March you probably oppose relatives who question your way of acting, you to behave as a family. Unless divergent interests come to pollute your exchanges. You will sometimes feel that you are hitting a wall (2, 5, 25) and cannot communicate clearly with those around you. Bet on Venus (7) to round the corners and tighten the ranks and on the Sun (29) to end a month a little under pressure on the right path, that of love.

As a couple, Venus makes you want to love and be, but family annoyances are likely to parasitize your desires and keep you under pressure in April. If you have the opportunity to restart the debate and break a deadlock from the 15th, not sure that you can get the last word and close the month really in peace. To avoid conflict, avoid imposing anything on anyone even if you’re sure you’re right.

Single, you will probably be retained on family grounds where everything does not roll as you would like in April. If you started a debate in March with some members of the clan, you will have a hard time guiding them to your idea and struggle to make your voice heard. Renounce if possible then to exercise an authority that would not be the taste of everyone and rely on vote charm (7, 29) to try your luck in love or at least soften the mores family.

2nd decan (January 3rd-January 11th): make love, not war.
Avoid riding on your big horses at the beginning of the month, when family-lingering debates may irritate you (4). You will be better armed to defend yourself and win votes on the 11th, 12th and 14th when Venus and Mars are working together, you should succeed in putting everyone in your pocket and seducing all over the place. Bet your power of seduction at the top between 8 and 16 to reignite the flame or light in the heart of who you want and should hardly be asked to return the favor.

As a couple, if long-running discussions within the clan put your nerves in a ball at the beginning of the month (the 4th) you will quickly benefit from cosmic size supports to face and return sensitive situations to your advantage in April. Count on your irresistible charm between 8 and 16 to whisper in the ear of the elected words tender that should make their effect and contribute to spruce up your story.

Single, avoid taking the fly on the 4th where family exchanges can get on your nerves and trigger (or maintain) a conflict. Instead, enjoy the graces of Venus and the passion of Mars to make keys on the 11th, 12th and 14th where your sweet words should be received five out of five and your wishes fulfilled in the wake.

3rd decan (January 12-January 20): the future in sight.
If you feel a pressing need to move the lines and a willingness to proceed without too much regard for the entourage changes to undertake to achieve (on the 11th) you can count on the favors of the sky in April (14 on the 17th, 18th, 24th and 26th) to open the future at your leisure. Jupiter gives a serious boost to your projects while Venus and Mars put the passion back into fashion and especially a second fortnight that promises.

As a couple, it’s the moment (the month) or never to realize what is important to you and to live completely. Whether it’s your emotional life, your desires for something else or otherwise, this month you have all the ingredients to act and succeed. Do not let any chance pass, to reconnect with the passion of life and the envy of others.

Single, you’ll want everything and preferably right away in April. If you must be careful (on the 11th) not to disturb too much your worried environment to see you in such a hurry to change your life or mood, you will benefit during the second half of an exceptional month of cosmic size assets. to achieve . what you want. In particular on the emotional plane where Mars and Venus will give you wings and endow you with a mesmerizing magnetism. As for Jupiter, count on the giant planet of the zodiac to open wide the doors of a future that inspires you (14th, 24th).

Our Advice for April 2018
A month that promotes the expression of feelings and could give color to your loves. Only the natives of the 1st decan will have to deal with parasitic elements (family tensions) which will obscure their potentials somewhat and will mobilize them on the front of debates which they will probably have a little trouble to overcome.


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