Capricorn Love Horoscope Today 26th December 2018

Capricorn Love Horoscope Today 26th December 2018

A motivating day. You want to communicate, to feel good about your relationships, and it shows. If you are a couple your spouse will find you funny, fun and full of life. A small wind of novelty blows on your love affair, and it does you a lot of good. Singles, your quick wit is appreciated at its true value. The words of love that you have been waiting for may finally come.

A beautiful warm atmosphere and tinged with pure love ignites this day! You aspire to shine in all circumstances and especially in the eyes of those who matter! Emotions surround you with positive expansion, your feelings are harmonious. Fullness.capricorn love horoscope today 26 december 2018

In couple: The energies of this day inspire you admiration and joy of loving! Your half is at the heart of your noblest, most beautiful thoughts. Why not keep this beautiful love you feel for your partner longer?

Single: During this day you radiate a great confidence in yourself that can change your emotional status. You are in full possession of your means of action, play it! Your charisma overturns the codes, moves your meetings. Smile, you are loved.

Jupiter reigns over the wedding sector, which would be enough to please you if it was not badly looked! Yes, this planet so beneficial could be a little less. Nothing serious, but you are likely to be often on edge and, at the same time, to hang for trifles with your spouse or partner.

Single, new in your love life? Yes, even if the case needs time to conclude. The planet Neptune preaches for a story that will evolve step by step.

By Mary Emma

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