Capricorn Monday, January 2, 2017 The Moon in the water element

An encounter is coming that will shake you intensely and at least you think you will discover endless possibilities in love and fortune. Stay alert because on this day you will suffer interruptions of visits that arrive at your home at the least appropriate time. Do not worry about a situation that exists in your job, it will happen as soon as Mercury is live again.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 4th August 2022

This Monday you have everything you need to increase the economy, but you must organize well, set priorities and do not dilute your energy wasting time in unproductive and banal tasks. With discipline you will achieve more than with money.

Today January 2, 2017 the Moon is shifting to the sign of Pisces and the only retrograde planet is Mercury. Do not wait any longer and open your correspondence right away as there is very welcome news in the mail waiting for you. Whoever interests you and is distant again turns in your sentimental realm and you begin a cycle of great renewal of love. Lunar energy floods you with diverse emotions and when you least expect it you will have at your side that special person that interests you so much. This cycle is very positive for you, Capricorn.

If you go out to enjoy the weather, if you can where you live for climatic reasons, do not let the Sun reseal your epidermis, protect yourself with moisturizing creams and in a proper way and you will counteract the effects of premature aging.

It is good that you review your work schedule very well and put order in everything you are doing so that you do not accumulate work because in a few weeks you are going to start a cycle full of movement and activity and from now you must prepare.

Money and fortune
A little patience will not do you any harm in this cycle where some things seem to stagnate especially in the economic field. The good news is that you are entering a favorable period and in a very short time you will see happy results.