Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for August 2021

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for August 2021

This August for Capricorn will be a good month in which you will advance very slowly. Patience! The most important thing will be money, love, work, and health. The lucky numbers for August: 1-7-8-10-11-18-19-20-21-27-28.

Your sky is quite serene in August, Pluto establishes the last details of a rebirth in the third decan, Neptune gives you creativity, Uranus encourages positive changes, Mars endows you with beautiful energy and great efficiency and Venus ensures your power of seduction. until the 16th.capricorn monthly horoscope for august 2021

During the second half of the month, the Sun and Mercury will in turn support your projects, exalt your motivations and awaken a very convincing eloquence with your family members or your hierarchy. Everything is going well and the month moves towards greater serenity and charm.

The general and everyday climate suits you perfectly and you spend the month of August in a pleasant atmosphere of peace and serenity. You work with pleasure because you notice your own efficiency. You smile more, although you remain discreet, and your popularity increases.

Your charm works in all areas and you are capable of having beautiful encounters or starting a daring project, but always with wisdom, with a sense of reality. The second half of the year is especially favorable for discussions, conversations, exchanges, and travel. You end the summer on a very satisfying note.

Love will be stable, without changes or problems, but also without great joys. Your life as a couple will continue at its usual rhythm, without further ado. If you are single, August can be a month with a new relationship. Your romance appeal will be huge and will attract the opposite gender. It will come to you through work or a friend.

You now have the desire and the wherewithal to relish long-lasting love relationships, and you will not embark on any meaningless adventure. Until the 16th, Venus will help you develop your relationship, raise the level of debate. If she’s single, wait and find someone who can fulfill her great ambitions.

In the second fortnight, Venus exalts your charisma and sharpens your sensuality, Mercury helps you increase your self-confidence and you are willing to leave a mark on hearts. You aim high, but your charm and your taste for quality relationships will ensure you beautiful successes that will be out of the ordinary.

Social Life
Social life will be through your friends forever. You will go out and have fun quietly with them, to disconnect from your work. It is through a friend when it could change your love life.

Work and profession will go well, but it will be difficult for you to advance. Everything will move very slowly and you will have to be patient. This does not mean that you do not go to work. You will be very caught by work and you will have to share your time with your profession and your family.

You develop good arguments to defend your interests and heaven secures your bases, cleaning up your material situation and allowing you to mark constructive milestones in your activities: safe investments, savings, a stable situation reassures you.

Your popularity increases throughout the month, take advantage of your charm to elevate the debates, relax the atmosphere, and exceed your limits. Count on the energy of Mars to reinforce your ambitions and help you to succeed, to free yourself from your limitations. You also have the opportunity to develop previously unexplored or under-exploited potentialities and talents.

Money and Luck
With money, you are improving. The changes will take place from the 3rd week. At that moment prosperity comes into your life and you start to earn more. Your partner is doing very well financially and gives you stability.

You want to adopt a rational attitude with your material goods. You try to manage them better so that in December you can invest and reassure everyone. The beginning of the month is still tense: financial negotiations, debates about your material situation aggravate an already present frustration. But Jupiter will gradually boost your income and guarantee you reassuring prosperity. You will see everything in a big way, maybe too much, so be careful with your expenses and negotiations.

Family and Friends
Your family will see you very little because you will be totally absorbed by your work. You will have to combine work and family as best you can. They understand that you are busy, but think they need you too.

Your health will be perfect. There are no diseases, but there is the need to take care of yourself, to rest, to eat a balanced diet. If you need it, it would be a good time to do a cleansing or detox diet. Your body would appreciate it.

With Uranus in your leisure sector, you are drawn to new or unusual activities. You could try an “escape game”, very popular at the moment, and discover unexplored pleasures. If you are a home person, go out, get airy, do sports, but if you are already used to physical exercise, you should discover good movies, good books, or board games that you do not know. It is in unusual leisure that you will find the most pleasure.

It is a very good month for studying, you are in a moment, in which it is easy for you to concentrate and you will get good grades. This is true for countries, which are in the middle of the school year. In Spain, students are on full summer vacations, therefore they don’t go to class.

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