Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

This month of July for Capricorn will be changeable and problematic. The most important thing will be health, family, work, and money. The lucky numbers for July will be 4-5-6-7-14-15-16-17-23-24-31.

Capricorns will see with pleasure that your relationship with your partner is very good since a fluid dialogue allows you to understand each other. Others of you will feel a great desire to study, read and acquire new knowledge. Many of you may be interested in distant cultures, exotic civilizations or investigate the history of unknown countries.capricorn monthly horoscope for july 2021

Driven by interests, you will possibly begin to study languages or you could attend courses that may allow you to improve your profession or learn new things. All of this is not by chance but is part of an important process of personal change.

Capricorns will feel an intimate desire to evolve, to grow in your intellectual level, and for all this you will look for ways that lead you to the deepest part of yourself, to try to understand the essence of humanity from there. Perhaps you may have difficulties with relatives and friends, but not long enough.

Love will be stressful for you again because it will be complicated. Tensions and discussions will break the good atmosphere, which usually exists between you. It is going to be a hard time, a strong crisis, but you love each other and you will find the solution through dialogue, although many couples will end up breaking up.

The first part of July is not very influential when it comes to the sentimental sector, but we must say that the transit of Mars and Venus through the eighth sector of your zodiac represents a good time to consolidate the bond by exploiting your potential, your libido. For some of you, these transits may indicate bureaucratic or legal problems that affect your love life. If you can wait until July 23, things will change and get better.

The new trine of Venus and Mars will be absolutely excellent and will allow to improve the dialogue, to live moments of passion and greater understanding with the partner and the lonely hearts will surely manage to conquer someone’s heart because the charm will be clearly increasing. Don’t waste your energy on people who don’t seem to be attracted and projecting your desire onto people close to you.

Social Life
This July you are going to resume your social life. It will be a month in which you must dedicate yourself to others, you will have “social duties”. You will have fun and they will call you, but you will have to make the effort to conform to them, not they to you. You need to get out there, distract yourself, and have fun. It will be the best way, for you to change your ideas and relax.

Your work and your workplace will also be affected by the lunar eclipse on the 5th. There will be changes in your company, you could change your job … What you have to try is that these changes are positive for you and if they are to be realized, try to adapt to these changes as soon as possible and continue working normally.

Mercury’s opposition occurs after July 11 and at least the previous days are quite useful to reinforce his professional situation. Jupiter in sextile of the zodiac sign Pisces in retrograde motion until the end of the month, indicates that you may have the need to return to a situation from the past that you have not finished, Maybe in a job, in a project that has not been so positive or so profitable, but now you can take better control of your professional life.

The second part of the month is much less profitable in terms of money and earnings, but perhaps it is more about spending money and therefore spending will increase rather than decrease profits. If you are out of a job anyway the advice of the stars is to send a resume and do interviews by July 11 because the phone might ring a few days later. Always be so effective.

Money and Luck
Money will slowly enter your accounts. The income that you receive will arrive late, but ultimately they will arrive. You should look for a second source of income, to live more peacefully. Your partner will do very well financially this month, so if you need it, she can help you.

The sextile of the planet Jupiter is what is needed because it allows us to go back to some situations from the past that may not have ended but that now seems to be clearer. If you plan a trip, Saturn asks that you pay close attention to expenses and then make small but important sacrifices because if it is true that you have sown well in the past and now you can reap the fruits of sowing, it is also true that money that comes out unnecessarily out of your pockets could create some difficulties.

Mars only passes to the Virgin at the end of the month but Venus passes first in the same zodiacal sign of earth and here are small fortunate events, encounters, gains, personal satisfactions arrive and rejoice the heart. For some of you, especially those who were born in your third decade, a possibility of radical change in your life must be taken without thinking too much.

Family and Friends
The lunar eclipse on the 5th will also affect your home and your family. There will be breakdowns in the appliances, broken pipes and there will be arguments and disharmony among your own family, which will make you have to intervene directly, to put everything in order.

Health will be very important to you this July, even if you are not sick, the stress caused by the lunar eclipse on the 5th will affect you. You will need to do a detoxifying diet to cleanse your body. You will also feel the need to change your image, you feel that the image that reaches people of you is not the one you want. You will spend the month analyzing yourself and seeing the best way to change that idea, which others have about you. You could change your look, haircut, clothing styles, even the way you behave.

Your studies have been good for you so far. If you have pending exams you will get A’s. What worries you is the new study plan, which is being developed for the next academic year, although deep down you are sure that the changes will be positive and will be better adapted to the circumstances.

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