Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

This month you have to have a lot of confidence in yourself / or Capricorn. A lot. It is not that your emotions are on the ground but it is true that sometimes, we have to raise the ego, self-esteem, and the value that we put ourselves. We must leave the old and enter the new, although sometimes the new scares us and frightens us too much.

But it is time to give way to what comes … It may not be as you thought, it may not be as it was going to be at first but it will be and will be something different, something that should happen to you.capricorn monthly horoscope for march 2020

On March 4, Venus enters Taurus and you, this planetary movement will affect you a lot. Taurus is your earth partner and Venus is the planet of love. A planet through which we feel pleasure.

You will need to talk about many things with someone special. To put it in some way, you will need to put the cards on the table … And of course, you will put them.

Ask for hugs, ask for attention, ask for Capricorn honey. That you always give and give. Do not worry about what others think. You can be a little “dry” person at times but, everyone needs attention at some point in their life, and if this is the time, you also have the right to receive it.

March 9 ends Mercury retrograde and there is also a full moon in Virgo. First of all, prepare to understand the things that you didn’t understand before. To see what you were previously unable to see or did not want to see for some reason. You will be calmer with everything, but the best thing is that you will know how to make the right decisions.

There is a person who will disappoint you Capri, but now it does not matter. Better be as soon as possible, put it in your head. Also, you will be hard enough to have a bad drink soon. You will not stay at home lamenting for something that has been, now the opportunities await you outside.

As of March 21, your life will take an important 180-degree turn. Some things are removed within you, strong and cheerful feelings. Give yourself the opportunities you want in everything and remember to close doors definitely with something to be able to open them fully in something else.

This must be taken into account because if not, there will be no progress in anything. You will let Capri take a little because when you do, you will feel more alive and alive than ever … Enjoy your moment, let the fire run through your veins and consider yourself to be truly happy. You may not start the month with great enthusiasm, but you will end it.

Whatever important thing you have to do in the second half of the month, let it be at least until March 25, when the black moon and the new moon pass. You will take an important weight off, something that was choking you

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