Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for the April 2020

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

The Capricorn horoscope in April: concern about the pandemic. The most important thing will be friends, money, work, and love. Lucky numbers for April: 5-6-13-14-15-16-17-23-24.

April will be an emotionally stronger and quiet month. The confinement and tranquility that this implies will allow you to live your relationship more relaxed and reactivate it. Your relations increase your confidence, plans, empathy, and happiness. You will feel very comfortable. In short, a good month for love. If you are single, you will continue to be, because it is not a month to go out and interact.capricorn monthly horoscope april 2020

Health will be good, but tiredness will indicate that you have to do something. Yoga, rest and adequate hours of sleep will help you a lot. Here are exercise ideas without leaving home. It is good for your health. When you want to relax by yourself because you are confined at home and you cannot go to the Physiotherapist, massage your feet and head. You will see how you fall exhausted. Since we are living a very sedentary life, you do not burn what you eat, so choose a healthy diet, so as not to get fat. Here you will find ideas.

On April 4 you lose the support of the planet of love and therefore on Venus, but on the 12th of the same month, you also lose the support of Mercury.

On a sentimental level, the previous transit in the trigone of Venus should have improved your relationship and should have some solutions if you were experiencing a phase of crisis with your partner, but now you need to be very careful with dialogue, with communication that could ruin your relationship. of love after April 12.

Do not offend anyone and do not exaggerate with the words believing that you can say everything because if you are finally waiting to make peace under the covers, the ugly news is that Mars is not in an optimal position in the sky and rather its transit describes a period of economic difficulty due to demands of the couple to satisfy.

If you are lonely hearts these four weeks are not excellent and they do not allow to be fascinating and to find a person to woo. Some disappointments may come, some rejections, but the sense of abandonment that you are now experiencing will very soon disappear because Jupiter is with you and the opportunity to know true love may come in the future.

Work and Money
The square of Mercury begins on April 12 and behold, it does not allow progress with extreme ease in work. All this means that this month will be quite complicated in its second part and for how much it concerns the new projects.

Work will be fine for you. You will work from home like many people with teleworking. The Coronavirus will allow you to work more calmly than from the office and this will allow you to regain control of your life. Confinement will allow you to have time to work, tidy up your house, read, chat quietly with your family, cook and reconsider some things.

Rather if you have an idea in mind, the best thing to do would be to sit down and wait in the future for a more good period to try to do everything. But you can proceed with some old projects that also with difficulty, can go ahead and carry some small satisfaction.

Economically, expenses are on the rise and the money you earn is perhaps not enough to satisfy all this from your portfolio, but at any time Jupiter can give a new opportunity, a new opportunity, especially if they are looking for a good job or want to change what you already have but that is not so satisfactory.

Although the planet of luck is with you, be vigilant if you intend to sign a new agreement or contract, read the documents well and do not throw out money for useless things or financial investments that do not yet seem to be positive for the future.

This phase of your life seems to revolve around money or in any case the idea of money. Mars in the second astrological sector confirms that all your energies are used to earn more, also because, with Mercury square on April 12, expenses can increase.

But it is not necessary to exaggerate with physical and mental efforts because the energies are lacking and only on April 20, with the Sun in trigon, your psychophysical condition will be able to improve.

Starting from this day you will be more optimistic, you will have more confidence in yourself and you will also be more aware than your qualities, qualities, entrepreneurial, labor, sentimental capacities.

Well, a very interesting period in which traveling is a very good thing to relax the mind and if you do not have much money, you could simply change a city of a few kilometers. In any case, Jupiter could bring good news as far as a legal cause is concerned, a bureaucratic problem that still cannot find a solution. Do not exaggerate with sports and food because you could get fat or have a small accident.

Family and Friends
In April it will be a month in which the family will be lucky and so will you. You will invest money in your house and your family. They will do the same, what they will do, that your standard of living will rise and also your well-being. It is time to speculate, to pay off mortgages, to invest. You and your partner will understand each other perfectly.

The month of April will have a less social life, but friends will be very in contact with you. Because of the pandemic, it will have to be this way. They will be on a streak and they will do very well financially. They will propose thousands of plans, by the time this is all over. Your exchanges of ideas with the Yoga people will take you into this spiritual environment. Yoga will help you keep your nervous system in order and sleep better.

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