Capricorn Monthly Horoscope November 2020

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope November 2020

If you were involved in a project, or something was planned with a view to the future, during this period it could become more evident, being able to find support or difficulties, depending on the Natal Chart and transits as the case may be.

Recreation, Clubs Ideas, interests, or hobbies, it is possible that they try to put into practice through union and cooperation with people who share them, or for example. joining a club or association related to personal interests.capricorn monthly horoscope november 2020

It could also be a good time to meet friends and make yourself known in groups, or in other cases, some differences could lead to disagreeing with a friend or people in a group.

This month of November for Capricorn will be stressful and fun. The most important thing will be your job, your health, and your family. The lucky numbers for November: 1-2-3-9-10-18-19-27-28.

If you are married or in a relationship, it will be a month of changes. Your love life will be affected by the solstice on the 2nd, by the eclipse on the 30th, since you could feel the seizures 2 weeks before, that is, from the 15th. In the middle of the month, you will be fine with your partner. Disagreements and controversies will lead you to heated discussions. If you are single, it is not a month to fall in love. You will pour yourself into family and friends. But if you go out, your charm could wreak havoc in the middle of the month. Take advantage and let yourself be loved !!!

Social Life
Your social life will be active, especially in the middle of the month. Your great magnetism and sympathy will make you the center of the meetings you attend. Get out there and have a good time. Your friends will appreciate it.

This November you will be aware of work. There will be a before and after in your professional and work life. After a hiatus, your world of work will start up from the middle of the month. You are going to have to approach it differently. You could change your job or job. Problems could arise, which you will have to solve.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will be regular. The expenses will skyrocket and you will have to control the expenses very well. It won’t be a particularly good month. Be prudent and don’t spend foolishly. Capricorn Luck Today

Family and Friends
November will be an unstable month for your family. In the 2nd half of the month, there will be tensions and arguments at home. Your children, if you have them, are not being reasonable with money. You will have to be firm with them so that they become aware. Beware of car accidents from the 15th on. The lunar eclipse on the 30th will make you vulnerable in this regard.

Your health will be good the 1st fortnight. It will suffer because of the lunar eclipse on the 30th. You could be feeling the effects 15 days before: headaches, nervousness, insomnia … Take care! Rest more than normal, so as not to exhaust yourself. It would be a good idea for you to do a cleansing diet.

November is a good month for studies. It will be very easy for you to concentrate and study. Your seriousness and commitment are always enormous. If you are an adult, you will be very attracted to spiritual topics and you will delve into them.

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