Capricorn Monthly Horoscope September 2020

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope September 2020

This September for Capricorn will be slow and uneventful. The most important thing will be your profession, love, health, and social life. The lucky numbers for September will be 2-3-6-7-8-16-17-24-25-26-27.

If you are single, you will inevitably attract the opposite gender and you could have a couple of adventures this month. If you are in a relationship, you will fall in love with your partner again and you will live a somewhat torrid month.capricorn monthly horoscope september 2020

Social Life
Your social life will be active, especially the 2nd half of the month. Your charisma attracts new people, who will come up and want to meet you and talk to you. You will take advantage of these contacts, to benefit your profession.

This September, work is going to be the center of your life. Despite the slowness with which the world moves, you will do especially well and you will have time to plan your professional future and work more perfectly. You will have a conversation with your bosses, which will be important, for the development of your profession.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will be fine. You will receive money from your usual sources and you will not have to worry about expenses. Like every month, you will have them covered.

Family and Friends
It will be a month in which the family will remain in the background, although the figure of the father will remain above you. You will be subject to their discretion and their will.

Your health will be fine, but you could have a small accident and have to undergo surgery. What happens to you is going to make you rethink your life and you are going to be philosophizing with death. You must take care of yourself. A Spa or Wellness Center would suit you very well. If you want to get pregnant this is a good month. If you are single and have sporadic relationships, protect yourself from possible infections.

September is a good month for students. You will catch the new year with enthusiasm, despite social and health difficulties. You like to keep up to date with everything, especially at times like this.

At the beginning of the month, Venus invites you to listen to others and their wishes, from the 6th, the delicious planet spices up your impulses. But do not impose your wishes, fantasies, and desires on the other person that you dislike, Capricorn friend, or that offends the sensitivity of the partner. Cultivate dialogue and respect. As a family, follow these same guidelines to manage administration and exchanges in peace.

1st decan (December 22 – January 2): let yourself go!
You will have a more cheeky mood between the 6th and the 15th: Venus strengthens your desires and increases your appetite. Bet to have a good time and give your antics a boost. At the end of the month, Uranus urges you to transform what should be so that you feel freer of your movements and your desires.

2nd decan (Jan 3 – Jan 11): Take it easy!
Until the 26th, Uranus strengthens your desire to give life to your love and develop your loves, count on the free electron of the zodiac to awaken your duo, or encourage unusual encounters, the opportunity to launch a new cycle of emotional fulfillment. Stay measured in your requests, avoid fantasies and desires that are not to the taste of the couple.

3rd decan (Jan 12 – Jan 20): Waive Family Law!
You have a real desire to overcome your limits, broaden your horizons, restructure yourself on a basis more in line with an idea. But avoid imposing your laws as a family, at the risk of angering your loved ones. Use diplomacy to make your voice heard. You benefit from a viewing height that helps you flourish as long as at the end of the month you don’t ruin your chances playing Little Dictator. Use your charm to change things without causing conflict.

The sun gives you wings and Venus exalts your desires. Enough to shine in love without inclining the other to the requirements that lead to conflict.

The first week
The 1st, direct your destiny in your favor and accelerate a personal metamorphosis that allows you to free yourself from the codes of the past.
The 2nd, the full moon encourages communication, but don’t abuse your pattern to force your way. If she resists you, rely on respectful listening to unblock problems and your originality to convince her that you are doing the trick.
On the 3rd, you have no shortage of arguments to remove the blocks that hampered your progress.
The 4th, do not raise your voice as a family and take a step towards the other instead of dictating your laws and triggering confrontations and conflicts.

The second week
On the 9th, you are regressing from previous limitations that hampered your development. The perfect time to start a new round of expansion.
The 11th, you are armed to improve yourself, but verify that you can fulfill your commitments.

The third week
On the 14th, you precipitate a metamorphosis in progress. Bet on your ability to evolve to exceed the limits of what is possible.
The 15th, certain desires electrify you, be careful not to exceed the limits and do not impose your vision of things on anyone, at the risk of altering the exchanges.
The 17th, you are negotiating and you think you are going to get away with it, so keep your voice down. The new moon invites you to expand your horizons, not to abuse them. If you follow the procedure, you will advance smoothly.

The fourth week
The 21st, if you speak without making concessions, you compromise one’s the good opinion of you.
On the 23rd, the current is difficult to pass, your interlocutors are not ready to lower the flag. Is the game you are playing worth it?
The 24th, do not pressure your family, your loved ones will not be left. Soften the edges instead of starting trench warfare.
The 29th, you influence your loved ones by being gentle, but firm. A happy mix that serves your cause better than an authoritative attitude that would take you right off the wall.

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