Capricorn this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

The Capricorn horoscope in December. The most important will be social life, work, money, and health. Lucky numbers for December: 1-2-8-9-17-18-26-27-28-29.

December will be a month where love will be a little lively. After so many bad months, this month it seems that the demonstrations of love and your joy, help in your relationship. If you are happy, you will infect your partner with your good mood and will be encouraged to act accordingly.capricorn december 2019 monthly horoscope

The work will be very good for you. You work a lot, but you earn a lot of money too, which you don’t care about, because you will feel rewarded. Despite the Fiestas, you will have to work, but you will do it at ease.

Family and Friends
The family will be fine. You will spend a Happy Holidays with your family. You will be a little worried about your partner’s economy. You will have to help her if you can. If you have not made a will, this month is a good time.

Money and Luck
You will be very well economically. The money comes to your hands in quantities, hitherto unthinkable, which will make you feel very happy and sure of yourself. Your self-esteem will rise like foam. You will be satisfied to be able to buy all the gifts you want during these dates.

Health will be good for you, but on the 26th with the solar eclipse, you may find yourself indisposed. It will be something unimportant. There are another important issue and that of aesthetics. You will be obsessed with your physique. You always take care of yourself, but this month you will become obsessed in such a way that you might decide to go through the operating room. It is inadvisable, you could suffer a mishap. You want to give another image of yourself and for you, everything goes through aesthetics.

Social Life
In the month of December you will make a lot of social life. Your life is activated, your friendships reappear and you are encouraged and joy returns to your life.

If you are a student, you will do very well. You will end the year with some notes, to feel proud. If you are an adult you will continue to be attracted to spiritual issues. Your reading will still go all over there.