Capricorn Today Daily Horoscope Monday 5th June 2017

Capricorn Today Daily Horoscope Predictions Monday 5th June 2017

Today the planet Mars begins to walk by the sign of Cancer. Do not believe everything you hear because because of the influence of retrograde Saturn you tend to confuse realities with appearances so before giving a judgment controls the language, Capricorn. A special sentimental situation looms in which fears, suspicions and attitudes of distrust are left behind and you live intensely a new experience of love. In this cycle of the Moon is developing to the maximum your sixth sense.

Capricorn LoveĀ 5th June 2017
You will be excessively jealous. The consequences could be very negative, as it could create a wall of silence and misunderstanding to undermine the existing conjugal relationship. Then, react and re-enter! Unmarried, you might be attracted to the material benefits that a person can offer instead of seeking to see if sincere love is likely to be born between you two. If you yield to this trend, you could go ahead with serious hassle and gain neither love nor money.

You will discover what is best for you and from now on you will be able to better define which path you should follow in your sentimental affairs. Do not ignore that inner voice that tells you at every moment what you must do.

Capricorn Health 5th June 2017
This is an excellent day to propose to leave some health habit that is hurting you because you see clearly the advantage of reaching your goals and overcome the temptations that work against your will.

You, who usually have a good amount of energy and who love physical exercise, would be better to practice a regular sport. Indeed, well positioned in your heaven, Jupiter, planet of luck and well-being, will make you understand more that “we must maintain the vigor of the body to preserve that of the spirit”

Capricorn Work 5th June 2017
During these weeks that you have before you will come solutions and answers that will put you on the road to success. The obstacles of the past are now simply that, obstacles and obstacles that can be overcome.

You will want to undertake a host of different business activities. You will succeed through the influence of the benevolent stars. You will be able to organize yourself rigorously. And above all, you will avoid going round and losing time unnecessarily. This will allow you to carry out everything you have started, instead of stopping the way.

Capricorn Money 5th June 2017
This is the cycle of important economic decisions, it is your time to act wisely and not impulsively since that does not suit you. Paths of prosperity are opening up around you.

Through your flair and intuition enhanced by the beautiful aspects of Neptune, your finances will thrive, and you will make big gains. Many activities related to finance will be particularly favored this time, especially trade and travel.

Capricorn Family 5th June 2017
Family life without history for most of you. Your relationships with your children and parents will go through a harmonious and happy phase. Both will lead their lives without any particular difficulty.

Capricorn Social Life 5th June 2017
Your relationships with people around you will turn out to be explosive. Very likely, you will hardly bear criticism, even innocuous. If you can better control your emotions, the climate will improve markedly.
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