Capricorn Today Daily Horoscope Monday 7th August 2017

Capricorn Today Daily Predictions Horoscope Monday 7th August 2017

This can be your night of love and great reconciliations if you find yourself somewhat estranged from the one you love. Romantic encounters and romance adventures bloom, Capricorn.

Remember that love is not old and if you feel excited in front of a person with a great age difference, let yourself be led by those impulses. The peculiarities of your temperament subjugate a very demanding person, and you are victorious of the test.capricorn daily horoscope of monday 7 august 2017

Before taking a significant step in your love life, analyze the following: if you are looking for adventure, you are well on the way, but if you expect a serious commitment you can leave disappointed.

There is positive news for you because with the current astral cycle many conditions end, especially if you have felt altered or nervous lately, with problems of palpitations or similar disorders.

The planetary changes around you favor salary increases and promotions. Do not be discouraged by a negative, insist and you will achieve your goals. You will be very focused on this Monday and you will get what you propose. Take advantage of this day without reviewing your investments and investments: you will find good solutions. On the other hand, you should take advantage of this Jupiter configuration to open a savings account, and why not, to launch an action savings account: this will help you save a little money each month and slowly but surely you constitute the capital.

Start your economic sense, save in this month of August and you will reap the rewards in a few weeks. Do not waste your financial resources or the money that comes to your hands in articles that may seem useful, but that in the bottom are not good for anything.

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