Capricorn Today Horoscope 19 April 2017

Do not try to do something that you still do not have, it’s time to be patient and have the ability to wait for the right opportunities, and your time will come to shine and to be able to do what you owe.

You are at a stage where you can afford to make mistakes and be with tranquility with them that does not complicate you at all, you have understood that life is about that and that it is impossible to stop failing in some things, the day Of today you will have a test of fire, since in your work it is possible that you make a serious error, which can cost you a little expensive, not necessarily the output of your work, but if something that will hurt you in the interior, try to avoid this.

The Moon is moving through your sign which accentuates your intuition, but remember that Mercury is retrograde. Before saying the first thing that comes to your lips, think about it and meditate on the consequences of your words. You are in a fabulous cycle where there is money, work and love in sight. Do not rush because the present moment demands calm and inner peace.

If you rush to make a sentimental decision without consulting your heart and without analyzing the consequences well you would end up regretting them later. Be calm and always proceed with the discipline that characterizes you.

Capricorn Today Horoscope Predictions 19 April 2017

Today the Moon is in transit for your sign, Capricorn, but moving already to Aquarius. The planets Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are retrograde, the others are direct. In love, this can cause you problems with your partner if you insist on wanting to always have reason in an argument and do not give in to the evidence. Fortunately, you will know how to act, the important thing is to put it into practice.

You are receiving a planetary wave that will help you recover your energy if you have suffered in the last days some disorder related to your digestive system. Avoid refried foods and take care of your food, Capricorn.

You are somewhat apprehensive in your work reality which tends to worry you exaggeratedly. However, you will notice how many fears were unfounded. If you are expecting a response associated with a job you will soon receive it.

Money and Luck
There is money in promising business, but you must act with security and constancy at all times and not let yourself be led by first impressions that are often misleading. If your inner self tells you to do something, listen to it, intuitions arise like this.

Do not consume too much junk food, try to eliminate it from your diet forever if possible.
Capricorn Today’s lucky numbers: 11, 13, 22, 43, 45, 48.

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