Capricorn Today Horoscope Friday 26th May 2017

Capricorn Today Horoscope Predictions Friday 26th May 2017

This is the cycle of total renewal, Capricorn, and many will be finishing something they started long ago, but they did not know what to do. Your sixth sense, your intuition and way of seeing life are now exceptional, very clear and convincing, and despite having your regent, Saturn, retrograde, you are very clear when making decisions.

A good idea is only good when it is put into practice and at this stage it is very important that you do what you have to do and do not keep waiting for others because you have the capacity to achieve what you want.

Love comes back to collect the center of your life and even if there has been a disappointment or feel away from that person now you understand that it was worth it because, with distance and distance, the feelings were tested and now you know well what You want and how to achieve it.

If you have had health problems associated with circulatory pathways now you will feel inspired and enthusiastic to carry out an exercise plan that helps you strengthen your legs and especially your heart, doing aerobic exercises.

You, as a Capricorn, always look for your sense of responsibility and inspire confidence to your employers and with your presence you ensure the future success of your business in the place where you work. If you are looking for a job, insist, never lose enthusiasm.

There is a movement of promotion within your economic line and you feel more confident of your resources to be able to face any situation that arises at the moment. The energy that comes from today’s new moon extends to all your economic areas, Capricorn.

Your Capricorn Horoscope today, May 25, 2017

Your Astrology

You need to cut short with your own habits. This is the best way to go on this Friday. The progress you are aspiring pushes you to overwork, take the time to dose your energy over time.

Your Day in Stars

  • Mood
    You will feel obliged to spare the goat and the cabbage … Stay absolutely neutral and above all keep your calm.
  • Love
    Wait for real guarantees before making a decision. You are missing information that could be important. You will have the blessing of Venus in beautiful aspect. Thus, your conjugal life will flow smoothly and without tension. Make the most of these excellent influxes to consolidate your marital ties and the stability of your couple. Singles will think of marriage, but will not end up weighing the pros and cons. Often the past will haunt those who have experienced a matrimonial misadventure; They will be afraid of mistaking again, and that will block them.
  • Money
    You experience a pessimism that can wreak havoc. This is the time to think about your projects and to confront you with the brakes that compose them. On the silver side this time, you will not be able to count on the support of any lucky star, but you will not have to be wary of the impact of an unfavorable planet. Your financial situation will be stable, and everything will be fine if you do not splurge. And that’s where the pack is at risk of hurting! The conflictual aspect of Pluto could play tricks on you, in particular by making you want to spend excessively for your children or the object of your flame.
  • Job
    You will show yourself spontaneously too directive with your collaborators. Watch out for the fallout!

And your Decan in all this?

The moon is in Taurus, in position 22 degrees, 11 minutes: Material and affective life is more stable, laziness linked to habits, memory and grudges.
First decan: Born between 22 December and 02 January

It’s time to talk about your projects to find support, advice or recommendations. Stay zen and open, do not impose anything, you will have to do with competent and applied people and your combined practical minds will give excellent results.

Second decan: Born between 03 January and 11 January

Housewives want to clean everything, men to put everything away. The ambience is at work rather than trivial but with the right partner, in a peaceful atmosphere, you can cut down a considerable amount of work that will considerably improve the comfort of your environment.

Third decan: Born between 12 January and 20 January

You give your highest aspirations a concrete relief, a realistic structure. You are able to make a big step towards wisdom or likely to meet particularly respectable people. It is a day of great lucidity regarding your abilities and your means.

Your day: not a banal day! Note: 3/5

Family life will be very pleasant on condition that you do not address the delicate subjects. Your partner will have every interest to make you vibrate and keep your desire alert! Bachelor, you will meet a person who will not leave you indifferent.

New horizons open to you. You will have the opportunity to touch areas that you only know from afar. You enter into a favorable period for contacts, signing of contracts, communication and procedures.

You will be energetic and less anxious but do not wait to be tired to relax.

Here is your Life horoscope of Friday, May 26, 2017

One of your close acquaintances will take an interest in you in an unusual way, and that is what you wanted. Nevertheless, do not let your imagination wander because, being on hold, you do not have the mind clear enough to have a fair view of the situation.

You’ve been so busy lately that you’ve tended to neglect some of your colleagues. Try to be a little more sociable and make an effort to communicate friendly.

Your lucky number: 33
Your color of the day: green
The best time of the day: 7 pm

Family / home
Relationships will be good with the close kinship, after having undergone some tensions and uncertainties. Children will be a source of great satisfaction; Strive to be a little more available to them.

Social life
Well used, your mental agility will open the doors of many circles that you were not used to. Take advantage of this favorable astral current to train you in new technologies.
Lucky number

Continue to fight fiercely, until the final victory.

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