Capricorn Today Horoscope Thursday 11th May 2017

Capricorn Today Horoscope Predictions Thursday 11th May 2017

He will be calm and will seek the shelter that only finds in his pair, a short trip will strengthen the union. Later will come a little more somber and more conflicting days. With optimism he goes to the aid of the needy. The growth of change generates the energy we all need to fructify. Beware of the conflicts that can arise from your impulse to occupy a better position in life, today is not a good day for fights or mood swings. Optimism should be your flag, accept what you are given today, and tomorrow you may be in a better position to make a claim or change your situation.

Begin to take more care of your body and drink more water, exercise daily.

If someone owes you a money and you expected it for today, unfortunately you will have to keep waiting, remember to collect again what is owed.

Take good care of what is happening in your environment and do not just walk by what they tell you because now you are going to live intense emotions with your partner or a person you recently met. The current planetary positions are conducive to tissue recovery and very favorable if you have suffered from any injury or accident. There are promising avenues if you plan to travel in the next few days. The full moon is enveloping you with an intense aura in which your personality intensifies and becomes captivating and exciting.

Full moon! This is the day and night of the full moon which is passing through the sign of Scorpio. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. There are no problems in your love landscape, unless you insist on creating them and causing them with a negative or whining attitude. It is time to put aside jealousy, recriminations and problems of that kind and enjoy life.

Do not go anywhere without looking where you step because you have a planetary incidence ready for minor accidents like falls, slips or similar problems. This is a warning, avoid it by doing the right thing, capricorn.

Something in your work can baffle you and make you feel somewhat frustrated in the morning hours. Do not let yourself be dragged by that negative feeling and regain your enthusiasm, for only then will you positively reverse that action now that you are in the full moon cycle.

Today’s events will prompt you to take action right away and not postpone a signature. However, due to certain positions of your regent Neptune, you should take your time to read the paragraphs of all contracts in detail. Remember that you still have your ruler, Saturn, retrograde.

Someone who has been watching you for some time wants to have a rapprochement with you, but you probably feel that you do not have the same interest.

Day to learn a valuable life lesson that will come to you from a person you respect a lot.

It is time to dare in love, do not pass up the opportunity to love that person who has entered your life, it is probable that you must make a leap of faith, this is called blindly trusting in someone, it is not the best thing to do. Do, but this time try to do it, you will not regret it.
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