Capricorn Today Horoscope Tuesday 9th May 2017

Capricorn Today Horoscope Predictions Tuesday 9th May 2017

Today is a day to waste happiness, warmth and tenderness. If you follow this good impulse, everything else will work wonders. Great opportunities for singles and job seekers. The change that longed for a long time is coming, do not give up, the road will show you progress at every step. Discover hidden skills that you never dared to prove to yourself. Start a real time of change, act on the circumstances and take the opportunity to make an important decision that will give you great satisfaction. Social relations will be modified by malicious words, this disaster can be prevented by being sincere with their affections.

Undoubtedly, what you now have in front of you is an exceptional opportunity to carry out your economic and labor affairs, but beware! There are certain people around you who are somewhat irresponsible, or perhaps ill-intentioned, who could hinder your plans by placing you in embarrassing situations from which you will succeed if you put your ingenuity and intuition to work. On the sentimental plane you could be something nostalgic, but at the same time more sure of your potentialities and the love of who is by your side.

This Tuesday the Moon is in transit by the sign of Libra moving to Scorpio. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. Take care of what you have and keep the passion spark in your inner world alive because routine and tedium break the illusion. Tonight do something that astonishes your partner, if you have it, and if you are alone, decide to explore some romantic adventure that can become something more serious.

You must always keep in mind that love needs care in order to survive and to grow, you will not always have the person next to you if you do not give the care that corresponds, just as the other person must do it for you.

It’s time to have a very serious conversation with your partner about money and the way they are spending it, remember that the finances of the household belong to both parties and can not be irresponsible with each other.

Do not let the happiness of your hands escape you, you have the possibility of being from today and you are not seeing it.

It is very likely that you face someone who has a great talent to do the same work that you do, you should choose to ask some things and learn from that person, do not try to compete, you will not do well if you do this.

Apply your past experiences and do not take them as a negative thing but rather as a positive lesson to avoid incurring the same mistakes in the present moment. If you have not yet finished a bad habit, it is time to take action.

Be well organized if you work in your house because this day you will have many interruptions and if you do not take action from early getting up a little earlier than usual would end up with a tiring and inefficient day. Fortunately you know how to properly channel your energy.

Do not rush and buy everything you see if you just received a credit card because that impulse could lead you to fill your house with useless items. Do not take it out yet to the stores, and go to use the Internet for your purchases because you have more options.
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