Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 12th February to 18th February 2018

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 12th February to 18th February 2018

Venus leaves the sector of your investments and your expenses as much as financial expenses to occupy the sector of your close entourage. For some, it will be to strengthen the links with their brothers and sisters for others, the arts of communication will be highlighted (journalists, writers and sellers).

The entry of Venus sextile represents great opportunities to strengthen your situation in your environment or to meet a real success in your sphere of activities. The deep and lasting relationships that this transit brings have everything to brighten your existence for a few weeks.capricorn weekly horoscope 12 february to 18 february 2018

A feeling of greater dominion, of power, pushes you to more initiatives in your sentimental life. You will go through a remarkable week, during which nothing will be neutral. Your philosophy extends positively in your love life, you better understand your partner.

This is an extra step that will be taken in your personal vision of your private life. Despite moments of a storm not always avoidable, you will learn the necessary lessons.

You are going this week to mobilize all your perseverance potential, in your professional life, but especially in a broad sense. You will think more easily about the general direction of your career, without going back to a job that does not particularly appeal to you. You will have more fun than usual to take in hand and initiate a new job and staking it according to your personal inspirations.

Your financial life this week will evolve towards more awareness. Indeed, the influx of Venus announces material comfort in vain and your actions will be for nothing.

Your exchanges with your financial interlocutors will be more in harmony with your expectations and your projects. All successes are possible this week, as long as you leave no room for doubts about your abilities.

Your tone will be fully present, this week of February 12, you will not miss feeling in total reactivity with external events.

It is even in excess that you risk leading Indeed, Mars pushes you to overdo it and especially to act with your nervous energy. Beaches of rest will be essential this week, longer than usual.

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