Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Capricorn (born between December 22 and January 20): On Monday 16th, to achieve your goals, join strength and expression. You will have to dedicate time to certain matters, but with love and taking care of others, it will be a day to enjoy. On Tuesday 17th, luck will help you calmly weigh everything, to choose properly, and choose the most precise on each occasion. You can achieve a connection with your partner if you know how to give the right affection.

On Wednesday the 18th, follow your intuitions. And look at your body every time an emotion arises, and the reaction you feel in you, and you will see how everything is connected. That is why we always speak of body and soul. On Thursday 19, you want to show new skills that you have and that you would also like to try. Maybe writing or communication. If you do it, it will give you great joy.capricorn weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd november 2020

On Friday the 20th, you will have the necessary energy, “No more, no less”, because if this is not the case you will go overboard and you will not do everything in the usual way. Your mental activity will help you. On Saturday 21, you have to look for your sweetest and kindest side because there are very sensitive people who notice the different tones of voice. If you do so they will focus on what you say. And Sunday is a day to discuss heritage and inheritance issues and issues, so you should talk with the family and agree so that everything goes great.

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This week will be the perfect occasion to surprise your partner with a, particularly extravagant attitude. For example, give him an unexpected gift. Or just have a sentimental gesture with her, like handing her a photo album full of memories of your first dates. You could also propose to her if you haven’t yet dared to cross the threshold. Follow your impulses and listen to your heart. These days he has many things to tell you. Your happy mood is making you more popular than ever and it will be very positive to improve any type of relationship. You will be brave enough to convince people that your plans make sense and that the path will be clearer. You may have good news on the material front. There are no clouds in sight and you can move forward unhindered. Your loving fervor makes passion prevail in your emotional sphere.

Capricorn Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Don’t stop answering your mobile calls today, even if they are from unknown numbers. You save a lot of business rolls, but today it is very possible that someone who has been given your references will call you with a proposal that can make you earn a lot of money and open a new path in your profession. It is a great opportunity, but for this matter to be successful you will have to expand your knowledge. You have a lot of experience but you need to update. Starting right now, start recycling yourself, search the internet, sign up for a course, or take an interest in the latest publications on the subject that concerns you. It will serve you well. In love, watch out, because you are about to ruin a possible relationship because someone has caused you great disappointment in the past. It is difficult to repeat.

You are less restless and your mind takes advantage of the concentrated atmosphere that prevails. It is easier for you to grasp reality and your reflections, coupled with your legendary intuition, should lead you, all set, to exciting new things that you can then manage with complete efficiency. Your circle of friends is caring, understanding, and very present during this happy time.

You will find better self-confidence, good intuition, and great ease of expression. You have the time and the desire to fine-tune the details, to reinvent your future. Make way for communication and novelty! You make profitable your achievements with beautiful inspiration. You make wise decisions and keep a low profile, stay the course!

You are looking for leads likely to offer you good career development, you do not give up, this week of November 16 begins under good auspices. An unfailing motivation, fruitful contacts, a very good relationship, the machine is on. This new week marks a new beginning, you could be at the head of a surprising project or of a more than a profitable association.

You notice a positive development in those around you: your loved ones are more focused, conversations will have more weight and your meditations will be easier.

Money and Luck
Luck strikes a blow. You manage your money with an iron fist, you are very satisfied, the efforts pay off, your accounts are up to date. With a raise that’s right at the right time to complete a project, there’s no happier than you. You share the news with your family circle. A beautiful period is offered to you, take advantage of it, allow yourself to spend lavishly.

Your vitality is at the top, you are eager to prove yourself and win the day. Appreciated and supported, you advance without uncertainty to the top and deploy your imagination and your ardor to reach it in a good position. However, consider saving your reserves and respecting your potential rivals to stabilize your excellent results.