Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 17th to 23rd August 2020

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 17th to 23rd August 2020

This week of August 17 shines a generous light on you that you have long missed. The influence of Neptune is perfect for breaking a deadlock and renewing your relational circle, both social and private. You feel a great need for personal development, you do everything to achieve it and you congratulate yourself for having shown flexibility.

Your partner’s behavior makes you aware of certain needs that you had overlooked for a very long time. It becomes impossible to deny some of the obvious, whatever your situation, you are determined to live your feelings in greater control. Outside advice, friendly or family, would allow you to better understand your expectations. But you stay inspired if you embark on a difficult conquest this week.capricorn weekly horoscope 17th to 23rd august 2020

The sky makes it easy for you and propels you forward without having to move mountains. You took full advantage of your withdrawal to prioritize and evacuate what is not essential. It is time for you to seduce an audience, a clientele, or your superiors. This climate endows you with a charm that leaves no one indifferent.

This is a particularly good week for deepening your most important connections. You devote yourself to your emotional life and try to forge all your friendships. Take advantage of your ease to put others at ease, reveal yourself, and listen to them. It is an ambitious project which should prove to be a winner!

Money and Luck
The realization of your projects depends on your ability to manage your finances. Alas, it is not by making your budget approximately that you will get there! This week, you will have to get to work to establish a precise forecast. While this may seem laborious to you, take matters into your own hands instead of procrastinating. This done, you will reach your goal. Capricorn Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

A trying week could weaken your self-confidence. You do not have enough physical resilience to face the possible bad mood of those around you so protect yourself a little! Avoid power relations, you would not have the upper hand, really refocus on your needs, your balance, and your health which requires your full attention. What if you took a few days off to go green and recharge your batteries?

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