Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th October 2020

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th October 2020

Capricorn (born between December 22 and January 20): On Monday 19, you have to achieve kindness and empathy with the people with whom you contact. With some, it will cost you more, but your performances will be more valuable. Tuesday the 20th is a good day for a meeting in which the partners or the couple reach consensus and in which you end up at ease and with ease.

On Wednesday 21, everything you do today will be accompanied by the help of close people and will also be lucky. On Thursday the 22nd, you will be able to share with others what you have learned and all the steps you have taken to get to where you are; That way they will value you more, and you will too. Today the values of your life and your own are at stake.capricorn weekly horoscope 19th to 25th october 2020

On Friday the 23rd, despite your passion and energy, you are taking a long time to achieve your goals; since halfway they are diluted. Do not go against the current and flow with the environment. On Saturday 24, you need to get going fast and not lose that enthusiasm that accompanies you. You have great maturity and you can perform today, great performances. You have to value yourself just enough so that others do too. And Sunday will be a time to do something enjoyable with your partner or close friends.

Capricorn Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Venus in smooth and harmonious aspect with Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, tells you not to forget about you. That they are prioritized and that they are taken into account a little more. These are times of many learning, with both Saturn and Pluto in their sign for several years, sometimes, it does not hurt to stop, listen to the body, see what they need. I recommend that a therapist lovingly treat their bodies with massages, osteopathy, to alleviate accumulated pain from so much “I can” (without ever asking for help or assistance). The archetype of “the omnipotent” is slowly losing strength in our society, it is difficult for them to let go but it is necessary to dismiss it slowly.

The recommendation is that you stay away from all negative people or with toxic thoughts, at least for this week. If you feel that someone is not influencing you well, it will be better to distance yourself, since you need optimism, not the opposite. As for work, you will be with many worries and your partner will let you know her discomfort as it will require more attention. Try to let go of your worries and take this time to rest and share more with your family.

This week you should stay away from negative people and ashes. More than ever you need optimism and thinking about yourself. You care a lot for those around you and the warmth of your dealings with them will be a real pleasure. You must realize that a bad habit could have unfortunate consequences. You will not be very available to your partner. Put aside your domestic worries, you need to keep them separate. Go out together. Most likely, you will receive news from a member of your family who lives far away. Maybe an uncle or an old aunt will call you on the phone. Or maybe a cousin with whom you spent summer vacation. Take this opportunity to see them again. And if their call is made to wait, take the initiative and call them yourself.

Mars in your sign gives you energy and enthusiasm. But don’t overdo it, be careful of the scattering. A spirit of conquest pushes you towards new horizons. You meet new people or you start learning a new subject.

The sky claims the space necessary for the relationship to grant everyone their space and their indispensable autonomy. No question of continuing to live in symbiosis, even if a renewed bond is expressed but in a lighter, less emotional, and above all more constructive way. Instead of sterile merging, cooperate to move forward together in the same direction.

If you plan to head towards a business creation, an association, or if you want to do training, the week is very favorable for this kind of project. In this field, you show your motivation, you are productive, you are successful. Your skills are recognized. Pay attention only to real opportunities, avoid dwelling on hallway noises, it’s a waste of time.

Your mind is teeming with ideas to think about and sort out when the time comes. You will tend to act quickly with a risk of haste and nervousness. So be careful of the fatigue that can result. But in any case, you can count on the support of your friends.

Money and Luck
Rising purchasing power gives you hope. This week of October 19 you receive good news, your money is doing well. Income that largely allows you to pay the daily expenses but above all which offers you the means to go out and distract you without having to worry about what it may cost you, you pay the bill with a smile. What satisfaction! You profit without counting.

Do not recklessly provoke the wrath of potential adversaries, and be careful not to take any unnecessary risks. You can meet challenges, but it is better to answer them with full possession of your means. Wait until you have revised mast and sails to set sail and, despite some predictable tidal waves, you may be able to board.

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