Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

You are carrying out effective actions this week, under the influence of Uranus in trine, but you need some perspective to launch new projects. Your individuality is strengthened and you approach situations from a new angle of attack. Do not doubt your abilities, you will put all the chances on your side.

This week of June 20, your empathy favors your social life and induces very promising new relationships. You will be able to set up the projects that are important to you and in a beautiful autonomy. Note: you are right to focus on the quality of your relationships, it is also the key to success!


You are full of vitality and you breathe energy through all four pores, Capricorn. You will enter the week on the right foot and if you make the right decisions you can spend some magnificent days, although you will also find yourself with somewhat complicated situations that you have to solve.

The stone in the shoe these days is that an argument can arise with your partner in which you lose your temper and say things that you would never have imagined. It’s not that you have to shut up what you think, but rather that you can focus on the subject in another way, with more delicacy, but if it comes out like that you won’t be able to do anything and this can cause you problems.

The first thing is not to start fights and the next thing is not to lose your temper. If it happens to you, be humble and apologize. Then, prepare some romantic surprise for your boy. You can probably fix it, but it’s always best to avoid it. Work and money work very well for you and for now you can not worry. Focus on feelings and your loved ones.

You’ll be juggling many tasks at once this week, Capricorn, as Mercury moves into your 6th house. You might be working on a few different projects at work, and you might be thinking about how to get better organized. You may also be investigating various health practices, such as trying a new skin care routine or exercise class. With the Full Moon in your 12th house, you might realize that you need to focus on your emotions and your mental health. You may have pent-up feelings on the surface, or you may want to take some time to rest.

You need to feel loved, this week you are served. Proofs of love, you want some, here you go! The storms are already far away, you find your joy of living again, a beautiful evolution in love makes you smile. You are generous in your words as well as in your actions. You are fully invested in your relationships. Favorable clues lead you on the path to happiness.

The evolution of your situation is looking good. Your accounts are almost up to date. A few small things still remain to be settled, but rest assured on this point, you will get there without any problem. On the other hand, for this state of grace to continue, soothe your inner tensions. Be flexible about certain expenses that you think are unnecessary, because contrary to what you think, you can afford them.

New activities allow you to overcome boredom and to have better morale, quickly they will become essential to your well-being and your development. If currently you have to force your hand, once you are in the bath, everything is better. Follow your friends, sports or shopping, whatever you need to escape. You can count on the friendly relations, the exchanges are pleasant and serene.

Take away from this auspicious period the elements that will optimize your bold initiatives and will earn you fruitful long-term results. Communication is in the spotlight and you have every interest in working hard to convince your interlocutors of the relevance of your initiatives. You are very busy building on your achievements.