Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 24th to 31st August 2020

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 24th to 31st August 2020

Capricorn (born between December 22 and January 20): On Monday the 24th, fortune will come from close relatives and they will support you and make you feel the security you need, which will help you enormously; especially always reaching agreements.

On the 25th, use your generosity with family members. If you reach consensus with everyone, the decisions will be easier and will be reached more quickly. On Wednesday the 26th your values and tastes in life are at stake. You will notice that everything flows towards you, faster if you manage to detach yourself from those desires that do not lead anywhere; rather they hinder you.Capricorn weekly horoscope 24th to 31st august 2020

On Thursday 27th, you should balance the time you dedicate to leisure and the time you spend dedicating it to your profession since they intermingle and you do not perform as you would like in both. Your generosity and sympathy can help others in emotional and/or physical matters. Friday the 28th is a lucky day because “Los has” will help you and you will feel that everything goes as you imagined. Your life will take a big turn and it will be beneficial for you. Enjoy “These good times.” On the weekend; on Saturday, everything you do will have the stamp of good fortune, and on Sunday you can learn from your mistakes, and also, something new comes into your life.

Capricorn Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

It is with a panache that you express your opinions and it is not to displease those close to you who recognize your talents as a speaker at this time. You have no taboos and you can change your mind when faced with a fairly convincing interlocutor. But your complex reasoning gives you answers that everyone agrees.

You benefit from the assiduous protection of a sky which jealously watches over your loves. You discover your partner or you deepen your past connections. Do not hesitate to make yourself available, feed your exchanges, and fully enjoy the intensity of love because the reward will live up to your wildest expectations.

The laurels of victory should make you fulfilled and conciliating with all the actors in your professional life. Your reports are excellent, your colleagues, associates, or clients swear not to you, your success is also theirs, hence a very pleasant collective emulation. The pleasure multiplies if it is shared, do not forget to share with those around you, with all your natural generosity, your magnificent development!

Let your attention dwell on the opportunities that allow you to move. The change in atmosphere is doing you the most good and you might be fascinated by the means of transport you use. Your mobility and adaptability allow you to rub shoulders with all walks of life, make yourself positively noticed with valid interlocutors.

Money and Luck
A week of August 24 without a cloud! A feeling of peace animates you, your comfortable pecuniary sector serves your noblest purposes and dearest to your valiant heart! You have worked a lot for this monetary balance, through your work, your judicious investments, an intelligent way of living, and today you are reaping what you have sown! Savor every second of this week, this beautiful financial ease is your success!

This week you are betting everything on relaxation and tranquility, you decide to take a step back from events, no source of stress, nothing but gentleness. You do not program anything, you do as you wish, which is quite successful for you. You only move when you want to, you eat healthy and balanced, you are on top, well in your sneakers.

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