Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 28th January to 3rd February 2019

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 28th January to 3rd February 2019

The passage of Saturn on the natal sun is often a key period, made of difficult moments, slow progress and many frustrations. Later, you will realize the positive results, you will understand that this period more constructive than playful will have made you evolve.

You are more distant with those around you, do not lose the thread of communication with your loved ones! This climate of self-discipline and rigor is often accompanied by a slight depression and/or fatigue. Watch for your vitality as you will be more sensitive to colds or viruses.capricorn weekly horoscope 28th janury to 3rd february 2019

This week will highlight your most authentic needs, in light of your everyday way of life, which will allow you to become aware of the changes to make or change between your outdoor life and your private life.

You will make spontaneous assessments of your love life, which will allow you to make positive changes. Your more loving impulses bring you closer to each other, it’s time to get closer to your friends, your family, not just your partner.

Work and Career
You will spread a beautiful spirit around you this week in your professional life. You will be more yourself in the direction of greater sociability with your employees.

The influx of Mars will allow you to better understand the expectations and specificities of others, which will give you a better approach to reach firm and official agreements. On the other hand, you lack the motivation to take responsibility.

Money and Luck
Your social life goes this week of January 28, opening you to new opportunities, whether in terms of investments, banking, legal veins that you can enjoy if you decide to start some practical steps. These will succeed and will allow you more financial freedom on money circulating in the short term, immediate cash.

Nothing restrains your vitality this week or your moral form. Your attachment to your deep values and their harmony with external events stabilizes your metabolism.

You are on an annual peak that is perfectly ideal for enjoying the pleasures of life. Be careful, however, to protect you especially from the cold and the excess of sweets, the two handsets being able to give rise to concerns of digestion.

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