Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 29th March to 4th April 2021

Check this week’s Capricorn horoscope for 29th March to 4th April 2021, Jupiter and Pluto unite this week in Capricorn for the first time (in a series of three touches). Your sign is already more relieved because Saturn and Mars moved to the next sign, Aquarius, and little by little the compression and friction are relieved. Everything that is happening brings a new order and, for the new to manifest itself, the old must first be cracked, even if this scares them very much. Trust in the process of life and ask, delegate, open up.

For two years, your sign has been feeling a lot of pressure to transform, to make radical life changes, and to let go of everything that eats away at you from within. Like fears, insecurities, painful memories, etc. This week, an event or some news will ask you to do this reflection again, so that you discover what thorn you have to extract before you can renew yourself.capricorn this week horoscope 29th march to 4th april 2021

Perhaps you need to unearth a deep truth, and finding it may require initiating a therapeutic process or a sincere dialogue with your shadow. This is also the week when you start to fill yourself with fire to pursue an important financial goal.

Either you dare to make an investment that you have been considering for a long time, or you run the risk of making your way into a new workplace or profession. Be that as it may, you are not going to let anyone take advantage of your talent, you are prepared to set limits where necessary
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You’ve probably made lots of new people over the past few weeks. The time has come to take stock and, depending on how attached you are to people, some relationships will disappear and others will grow stronger. Everything will be played on impressions, unspoken, and intuition.

Capricorn This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health, and Money | 29th March to 4th April 2021

The mood of your love depends a lot on your behavior and your ability to adapt to situations. Just remember that it’s always better to postpone a discussion when it turns sour: you don’t say anything constructive when you’re under pressure. If you make the effort to postpone the thorny topics, you will be able to make the most of this half-hearted week.

From Saturday, Venus will move to the Gemini sign, benefiting you to bring out your most sincere and positive side in personal relationships. You will do this through more conversation and taking an interest in the mood of others. Also when commenting on what is happening to you. You will notice that you will be very willing to spend time with others and solve any difficulties that may arise, either with your partner or with friends, which will make you feel better about yourself.

Your hierarchy strongly urges you to demonstrate the merits of your attempts … Do not take any shortcuts that are supposed to make it easier for you because you would be immediately unmasked and reprimanded. Your superiors never miss an opportunity to point out your flaws and certainly neglect to appreciate your multiple qualities.

It is not necessarily easy, but it is a good opportunity to put your skills to the test, to share with your partner and your banker your most secret desires while having a chance to be heard and understood. If you handle your boat well, you will have raked a beautiful field for the next few weeks.

Money and Luck
The week is good for discussions. This is the right time to start a dialogue, find solutions or plan new projects, the financial context is favorable. If in the days to come to your efforts do not succeed, it is because the situation is slowly unblocking. Be careful with your expenses, before you embark on an overly expensive purchase, think about it. This financial insecurity does not last.

During this week, Mars, the planet that represents where you direct your vital energy, will leave your sign to go to the next one, which is Aquarius, staying here for the next month and a half. With this movement, activate the area of your horoscope related to finances and how you manage your money. You will feel this in an excess of energy that you will channel into looking for various ways to increase your purchasing power, deciding that it is no longer time to wait and that you have to make your economy more versatile.

The planets push you to undertake, to claim your place on the social level. Within your clan, you have a much harder time defining your space and having enough freedom to cope without feeling like you’re sacrificing yourself. Try to balance the situation as harmoniously as possible by prioritizing your ambitions without neglecting your obligations.

This week, Mars leaves your sign and makes you feel calmer, but you should pay attention because it can also lower your energy and dynamism. Anyway, remember that you should not worry, because your body will adapt day by day.

Venus passes into Gemini and helps you make family and sentimental communication pleasant and harmonious. Therefore, you must keep your throat chakra energy well aligned with your mind. For this, I recommend that, when you are calm, visualize a white light in your throat and repeat the HAM mantra several times. Do it as many times as you can; Above all, when you are taking a shower so that the water cleanses your energy field.

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