Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

On Monday the 3rd, your practical and constructive mastery will help you to differentiate between what you should change and what you should not. Your common sense will help you with everything.

On the 4th, you go so fast in your mind that sometimes you confuse the goals to be achieved. But you have discovered what you are worth and you have a beneficial environment to get everything you want and what you should do with your life.capricorn weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th august 2020

On Wednesday 5th, you need support to reach your goals, but you should also learn to convince others to know how to explain yourself properly. This is the lesson you should get, today. Once achieved, you will shape your interior hopes to achieve.

On Thursday the 6th put to work your emotional side and your intellect in the new projects that you maintain. You have peace of mind, but at the same time with vitality, which will help you resolve family issues, which they hope you will solve appropriately. This means that you are carrying out what you are doing.

On Friday the 7th, you will have to reach agreements with the partners or with the couple. On the weekend; On Saturday, you will have to solve family matters that need to be solved, and Sunday is a day to have fun and relax “at the top”.

Capricorn Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You tend to step aside to make room for others this first week of August. But the frustration that this induces does not put you in a good mood, those around you may be surprised by this mixture of goodwill and pessimism. Your lack of conviction brings you little good news, you have to put it into perspective.

If you were in conflict or cold with your partner, you can easily disarm him. Your impulses of the heart push you to please him, to seduce him again, even if in the end, you have no precise goal. Feedback on the past refines your strategy. You approach your loves in a spirit of transformation, of essential renewal.

You work in an environment that suits you totally, which is why you seem so fulfilled when people around you bring up the subject. You will be even more so this week, since good news reaches you, change of position, or privileges, you are not at the end of your surprises. Your efforts are rewarded at the end of the week, it is the beginning of a new period. You are serene.

Getting upset won’t fix anything, but you can go after what disappoints you as long as it doesn’t involve anyone other than you. Consider moderation as your best ally at this time, it can keep you from falling into harmful excess or falling into a contagious bad mood.

Money and Luck
A feeling of weariness animates you. You are tired of this routine which provides you with a modest income, of course, but which is regular. You want to earn more money. This week, your need for change may be playing tricks on you! Before breaking a contract on the spur of the moment, take the time to think it over. Also, don’t listen to the promises made to you. Be pragmatic and lucid.

This week promises to be full of challenges for your health! You are forced to pay attention to it or even improve it for good. Have you not noticed a significant drop in vitality as well as shortness of breath at the slightest effort? Your immune defenses demand a quality of life that you gave up in the past, resume healthy habits and everything will be back to normal quickly. Why not consider a cure in the mountains, breathe the fresh mountain air?

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