Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 7th to 13th October 2019

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 7th to 13th October 2019

You do not waste time, this week of October 7, you go to the essential, whatever your approach and this attitude succeed you. You are ready to change things, even to provoke your interlocutors who do not refuse a little intellectual stimulation. Your audacity and enthusiasm are suitable for those who do not want to be bored.

Because of a love story that has turned to vinegar you are completely destabilized. The moment seems ill-chosen to settle your accounts or to be able to obtain explanations. In the days to come, some adjustments will allow you to have a new judgment on the situation. For the tensions to subside, it will be necessary to count on your great diplomacy and your immense power of seduction.capricorn weekly horoscope 7th to 13th october 2019

You receive the approval of those around you and want to move up a gear. Alas, despite all these beautiful provisions that strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit, you have to deal with one of the uncomfortable superiors. There is no question of trying to make a strong transition without triggering a problem with your bosses or with some of your colleagues.

Express your point of view without restraint, your entourage is particularly receptive and needs to be stimulated. Your sharp wit and sharp arguments make you a valuable opponent in the verbal sparring that you could undertake for fun and performance. Do not hesitate to move to discover the opportunities that are hidden in your environment.

Money and Luck
To double your chances, you decide to go to the bottom, you think you have nothing to lose except that you are wrong, you can go to bankruptcy. Prudence and mistrust, slow down the heat. Fortunately, a well-meaning person gives you good advice, thanks to it everything becomes much clearer. The weekend is much less difficult. You manage to relativize the situation.

Heaven does not give you the resources to carry out your daring plans. It reactivates your chronic weaknesses and thus helps to undermine your energy by depriving you of the forces necessary to carry out your fight. It can also awaken the hostility of adversity that could plot against you. So you have to dial between openings and brakes.

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