Care your daughter by stopping her eating sweets

Remove your daughter’s sweets and surprise results

Anna Larsson mother of a little girl of 4 years, decided to cut the sweets of the diet of his daughter, after verifying the damage that this type of food causes in the body, if they are consumed in excess and, much more, if it is a person Of young age.

daughter sweets eating

And it is that the girl of Mrs. Larsson (name of the small undisclosed) was at a point where she consumed sweets and sugary drinks and rejected other types of food such as meats, fruits and vegetables, which, in the short and long term , Could cause serious health problems and even self-esteem, if you take into account the issue of childhood obesity and diabetes.

The position of this Swedish mother against sugar has become a sensation in the social networks, to the point that already writes for some newspapers and publications of its city, and has appeared in several television programs.

And it is that the subject already was reaching difficult levels in the case of the small one of Anna, since the girl had difficulty to sleep and an attitude of hyperactivity, that went to episodes of extreme irritability. Therefore, when she changed her habits against the sweet, the results shocked her: “After a few difficult days, the girl was no longer asking for ice cream or sweets, and in a happy way for me, she began to consume healthy options that she had previously rejected. full”.

Now, she sleeps better and her temper is changing. Surprised, Mrs. Larsson, 38, decided to share her experience through Facebook and soon received more than 2,400 likes. “I was surprised by the answer,” Larsson told the BBC, “because I really do not know why it happened, we know it’s bad to give children lots of sugar, and this is not news. But I think I got this result with my story because I’m a normal person, not a doctor or a nutritionist. ”

What is the problem?

Incidentally, Sweden has one of the lowest rates of diabetes and overweight children in Europe. In 2015, the International Diabetes Federation reported a 4.69 percent prevalence of diabetes in the country, slightly lower than neighboring Norway, and well below the worst European nation in this type of statistics that is Turkey, with A prevalence of 14.85 percent.

Meanwhile, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) put the age of seven as the key age for identifying overweight problems in Sweden, whose latest statistics speak of 6.8 percent for children and 5 , 1 percent for girls.

In comparison, Ireland, which has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Europe, reported that 31.8 percent of children and 27.3 percent of girls were overweight at the same age. However, experts are still hoping for further studies to get the issue on public agendas, and be included in Swedish health education programs and campaigns.

The girl’s life has changed

Today, Larsson describes the changes his daughter has had. For example, the food that until a few weeks ago, the little girl rejected categorically, and considered it “the best.” Sleep more and calm easily when you want to do a tantrum. “Your taste buds are new,” Anna said.

And is that according to the mother, her decision to reduce sweetened sweets, has generated a clear difference in the act of the girl. However, he adds, although the knowledge of the evil that sugar causes in behavior excess, there is little scientific evidence to back it up.

“Some people think that this is extremist, but I have never said that you can not eat sugar, just not every day, or in exaggerated amounts.” She notes that the body needs energy and is necessary in development.

Mrs. Larsson has sent a message to parents that although it seems like a good decision, they are worried about following in their footsteps, and says: “If your child has a permanent desire to consume sugar, then they need help. The child can not leave it or control it by itself, it is in us parents to control it and make them see why. In addition, we can not give them everything they say to prevent them from playing in the store, “he concluded.

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