Cars 3 presentation of the new characters and casting

A few weeks ago we saw the first teaser of ‘Cars 3’, the new Pixar movie, and we also told you its official argument. Everyone was quite surprised by the bleakness of the tone, with an accident with the star of the franchise, Lightning McQueen, almost with a drama aspect that a familiar film, but new details indicate a lighter and dynamic theme of the character.

cars 3

John Lasseter, who took care of ‘Cars’ in 2006, gives direction to Brian Fee, artist of the storyboards in the first two films, an experience that make him a natural successor to Lasseter. The new details of the plot reveal that ‘Cars 3’ is a film somewhat more directed towards millenial culture, which makes sense considering that it is appropriate for the children who enjoyed with ‘Cars’, that already belong to that age range , A decade later.

In ‘Cars 3’, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) discovers that he is now part of the ‘old guard’ facing a horde of tech-savvy newcomers, determined to return to the front row, No.95 must decide whether his love for Racing is enough fuel to return to the glory of his old life.

In the role of “villain” of the film, Jackson Storm is Armie Hammer, a fast, elegant and favorite car in the new generation of runners. Storm’s arrogant confidence and behavior are unpleasant, but his unmatched speed threatens to redefine the sport.

Trained in high-tech simulators programmed to perfect the technique and maximize its speed, Jackson Storm is literally built to be unbeatable, and he knows it. But not all millennials are pushing out McQueen. His new coach, Cruz Ramirez, played by Cristela Alonzo, is positive and optimistic, and it is McQueen’s help to help him rehabilitate and get back on track to prove to Jackson Storm why he is a five-time Piston Cup champion.

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