Children self esteem problems are all starts at home

When young children do not feel comfortable with themselves it is because someone around them has told them that something is wrong with themselves. This is explained by a transpersonal and systemic psychologist, when asked about what to do with children when they feel bad about having glasses or being fat or not feeling smart enough.

According to him, children are very susceptible to what parents say, adults care for them, teachers and other children, because it is very important to take care of what is said and how it is said.

child in problem

Juliana Gallo, educator and director of kindergarten Hans Andersen, says that preschoolers feel comfortable with themselves unless something very serious happens around them, but in general, they look at themselves in the mirror and like them, they do not They worry about their glasses or be fat or thin or the clothes match them. This is totally cultural.

In this way, it is up to the adult to care for the child and to maintain in him the love for himself. One way to do this, Gallo explains, is to allow him to grow at his own pace, without asking him to do things for which he is not yet ready. It is not possible to ask a child to walk when he is learning to stand on his feet; It is not good to ask him to write when he is learning to speak up to now. The same thing happens with your knowledge. First you must know and understand the numbers before adding or subtracting.

When a little one is asked what he is not ready to give, he may believe that he is a problem and begin to see himself as incapable, as someone who can not meet his goals, hence the importance of respecting the growth of Every little one.

That is why, when educated hoping that everyone has the same results, there will always be a risk that a child who by his developmental moment is not yet ready to achieve a goal will believe that he does not reach the goal because he is not intelligent, Because he can not. This can lead to self-esteem problems.

If a child is put on glasses and the parents say they do not look good, clearly they are doing a lot of damage. It is essential to show the little one that glasses can be very good because they allow to see better.

In issues such as weight and fat, these are issues in which health should prevail over aesthetics, parents should never tell their young children that they are too fat or too thin, that they do not look good, that they stop eating , To exercise. It is the pediatrician who must guide the proper feeding of the children and the parents should be the example.

Psychologist explains that the child not only hears the words, but also reads the tone with which the adult pronounces them. He knows perfectly when they are full of rage or love, when they are rejection or acceptance. Thus, it is not only important what is said, it is also fundamental how it is done.

If you sow in your child words of love, teach him to love, to take care of himself, to respect himself, you will also be sowing in him enough strength to face the unpleasant or malicious words of others. Because if the child is accepted as he is, he will have more strength for life.

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