Clash of Clan is now banned in Iran due to tribal violence

Iran is one of the most advanced countries in Internet censorship and today has banned the country’s Clash of Clans video game for being very “addictive” and “inciting violence.”
Iran’s “Criminal Content Determination Committee” has chosen to ban both the download and the use of the video game for mobile phones “Clash of Clans” after agreeing that it is a game that “incites violence” and, in addition, is Very addictive.

clash of clans war scene

The “Criminal Content Determination Committee”, part of the “Supreme Council of Virtual Spaces in Iran” (yes, these names are real), prohibited the downloading and use of Clash of Clans as a game that “incites violence” and Be extremely addictive. The fact that the game was based on clan warfare or factions did not help gain the approval of the Iranian government because the country has been inhabited by different ethnic groups and cultures for thousands of years.

Six months ago we saw how the Iranian government banned Pokémon Go for “arousing suspicions related to the privacy and security of citizens,” so more and more games are blocked in Iran. However in the country they usually skip these blocks using some of the dozens of ways that exist for this.
This game, one of the most popular today, is a video game strategy in which the player will have to erect fortifications in his village with the aim of preventing other players from the platform to end the village. At the same time, the main player must also train his troops and create a strong team to eliminate rival villages.
Forbidden for being too addictive and for promoting tribal violence

Since the game is based on a clan war, the Iranian government, based on the fact that its country has been inhabited for thousands of years by different ethnic groups and cultures, has denounced that this game must be prohibited since it bets on the fights between Clans and promotes tribal violence, as reported by the Iranian media Vazeh.

According to the same media, members of the ‘Committee to Determine Criminal Content’ have relied on a report from a group of Iranian psychologists that determines that gambling in addition to promoting tribal fighting is also highly addictive, so it can Be highly detrimental to Iranian youth.
A committee able to block any content on the Internet

As Freedom House human rights organization reports, the ‘Criminal Content Determination Committee’ has the ability to identify any sites that may become a threat and inform Internet service providers to block them.

Last August, the committee also decided to ban the Pokemon GO video game since it aroused suspicions related to the privacy and security of citizens. Therefore, the Committee, which is part of the Supreme Council of Virtual Spaces of Iran, has the power to end any video game that could endanger both its youth and its community.

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