Curiosities about the love that you should know

16 curiosities about the love that you should know

Interesting facts about love

love sign

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings you can experience throughout life, but love can also bring a lot of sadness and pain. These facts may help you to understand why these feelings come to us?

1. Only accounts with 4 minutes to impress the person who attracts you

The first impression is that important. But more important than what you say or how you say it, it is your body language.

2. Being in love has neurological effects similar to those of cocaine

When we are in love we release chemicals that produce euphoria, just like this drug.

3. When you hear it’s phrase “opposites attract” they are not saying anything that is not true.

Couples with too many similarities are less likely to last together. There must be some similarities to be compatible.

4. Falling in love is a primitive instinct

The need to fall in love is a primitive instinct like hunger, sleep or sex.

5. There is more chance of falling in love with a person close to you.

Although distance love can work, the closeness of people leads them to increase their emotional state, hence often love arises between people who work in the same place and have to share many hours.

6. Symbols of love

The maple leaf is a symbol of love in China and Japan.

7. The apple has also been a symbol that represents love

The Celts associated it with this fruit because it lasted so long after being cut from the tree. And in ancient Greece if a man threw an apple at a woman, it was considered a marriage proposal.

8. We can fall in love with a person after having left the relationship

Many times, as a result of a failed relationship arises a type of attraction that is called by frustration, that makes us love who left us.

9. How many times can we fall in love?

If you have not fallen in love at least 7 times, you are not ready to get married, or that says a study that puts in this figure the times that we have to do before giving the “yes I want”

10. In situations of danger, it is easier for love to arise

When you meet someone in the midst of a danger situation, love is more likely to arise. This is our weakness for the superheroes.

11. See the photo of the person you love has analgesic effect

The photo of the person you love calms the pain, if yes, as you hear, it is scientifically proven that seeing the image of the loved one reduces pain by up to 44% like paracetamol. And if you have such a good view, with more reason.

12. Listening to romantic music predisposes to love

Did you know that a woman is more predisposed to meet a stranger after listening to romantic music?

13. In general men are more than hugs and women kisses

Men value hugs and kisses more than women, contrary to belief, they are happier if they are hugged and caressed by their partners.

14. Genetics also play in love

Genetics plays a very important role when finding the average orange is treated, because thanks to the smell we can recognize people genetically different and thus avoid falling in love with relatives.

15. The formula of love

We give you the formula of love: intimacy + passion + commitment = true love

16. Love is blind

And as a final point Love is blind! When you are in love the part of the brain associated with the judgment is suppressed, which prevents you from seeing the faults of your partner.

So knowing this scientifically proven data, you decide whether or not to fall in love is worth it … Yes it is worth it!

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.