Daily Chinese Horoscope of Dog 1st July 2019

Daily Chinese Horoscope of Dog 1st July 2019

No planet will have a direct effect on the love areas of your Heaven of birth, which suggests that your married life will not change much. Happiness will be at the rendezvous, a simple but authentic happiness, to live and enjoy every day. For singles, meetings will not be missed. But we must not hope that the current adventures are of long duration. Avoid for the moment to make serious projects, although the idea of a life for two is far from displeasing you.

Money and Luck
If you have an investment to make, return preferably to real estate. This will bring you luck on this rather troubled day. If possible, ask experts: they are there for that, right?daily chinese horoscope dog 1st july 2019

This day will be physically positive as it will increase vitality. The fact may have psychological repercussions, involving a marked increase in morale and a tendency to optimism, a trend that you do not always have.

Take advantage of this aspect of the Thien Khong star to advance your work. This planet will make you active, go-getter, and awaken your competitive spirit, while giving you intuition.

This aspect of the Long Tri star will focus on some problems with your children. Do not let things drag on, or they will feel like you’re really losing interest in them.

This astral atmosphere will do nothing to brighten the rather gloomy social climate. Watch out for depression! Indulge yourself, focus on the funny side of life, and flee ominous birds.

Dog lucky numbers today are 3, 5, 9