Daily Chinese Horoscope of Goat 2nd July 2019

daily chinese horoscope goat 2nd july 2019

Daily Chinese Horoscope of Goat Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Peach blossom has the flavor of the forbidden fruit, the smell of the forbidden orchard, the sweetness of a day after love. Your reason often brings you back to a scent of old-fashioned but charming nostalgia.

Your love life will go through a day during which you will not really be on the same wavelength as your other half. Indeed, bickering and disagreements of any kind will be on the agenda of the day ahead. In order to find balance and harmony, it will not be improvising or kicking a game of bowling: you will especially know where you go and delay. To do this, Goat, nothing better than open-hearted dialogue!