Daily Chinese Horoscope of Horse 1st July 2019

Daily Chinese Horoscope of Horse 1st July 2019

This aspect of Phuong Cac is especially about the life of a couple. You will do everything to get closer to your spouse or partner, who will do nothing for you. You will be better disposed to dialogue with each other, you will even experience a renewed passion for it. Single, an ambiguous atmosphere will settle this day. You will not really know where to place the demarcation between love and friendship. Admit that this ambiguity has a certain charm!

Money and Luck
In the material field, caution is recommended. You may experience delays in your regular cash flow. Also, be careful not to incur large fees or to solicit large credits, to equip yourself or to renovate your home.daily chinese horoscope horse 1st july 2019

Thanks to the star Thanh Long, you can this time fill up with energy and dynamism. As a bonus, you will display a morale of steel, a key element to help you stay in good shape, or to recover faster in case of health concerns. In addition, the digestive disorders that you are often exposed to will be in decline.

Your professional projects are irreproachable, but everything will not go as fast as you would like. The bureaucracy will drag your feet, which will put you in an execrable mood. Save at least your close associates.

Beware of the star Hoa Ky, which will influence the sector of your theme related to your relationship with your children. It will be necessary to ensure that your beautiful authority does not turn into abusive authoritarianism. Especially since your children will not be in the mood to let themselves go! Fortunately, these small difficulties will not last, and the atmosphere at home will quickly become friendly and pleasant.

You will have the opportunity to begin to indulge in a host of new and diverse activities. In short, you will escape the routine and you will have a lot of fun.

Horse lucky numbers today are 3, 7, 10